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High-Level Synthesis for FPGAs: From Prototyping to Deployment
AutoESL's AutoPilot HLS tool coupled with domain-specific system-level implementation platforms developed by Xilinx are used as an example to demonstrate the effectiveness of state-of-art C-to-FPGA synthesis solutions targeting multiple application domains. Expand
Validation of internal control for gene expression study in soybean by quantitative real-time PCR
Based on the results from geNorm and ΔCt analysis, ELF1B and CYP2 could be used as internal controls to normalize gene expression in soybean, while UBQ10 and G6PD should be avoided. Expand
NADPH Oxidase Mediates Lipopolysaccharide-induced Neurotoxicity and Proinflammatory Gene Expression in Activated Microglia*
The dual neurotoxic functions of microglial NADPH oxidase are demonstrated: 1) the production of extracellular ROS that is toxic to dopamine neurons and 2) the amplification of proinflammatory gene expression and associated neurotoxicity. Expand
GreenTE: Power-aware traffic engineering
This paper proposes an intra-domain traffic engineering mechanism, GreenTE, which maximizes the number of links that can be put into sleep under given performance constraints such as link utilization and packet delay. Expand
Arabidopsis cryptochrome 1 interacts with SPA1 to suppress COP1 activity in response to blue light.
It is reported here that Arabidopsis blue-light receptor cryptochrome 1 (CRY1) undergoes blue- light-dependent interaction with the COP1-interacting protein SPA1 (SUPPRESSOR of PHYTOCHROME A), consistent with a hypothesis that photoexcited CRY1 interacts with SPA2 to modulate COP1 activity and plant development. Expand
Identification of an Atlantic salmon IFN multigene cluster encoding three IFN subtypes with very different expression properties.
Salmon IFNa and IFNb are not orthologs of mammalian IFN-beta andIFN-alpha, respectively, but appear to utilize similar induction pathways. Expand
Loss of Function of OsDCL1 Affects MicroRNA Accumulation and Causes Developmental Defects in Rice1[w]
All miRNAs tested were greatly reduced in OsDCL1IR but notOsDCL4IR transformants, indicating that OsD CL1 plays a critical role in miRNA processing in rice, and the production of siRNA from transgenic inverted repeats and endogenous CentO regions were not affected in either OsDcl1IR or OsDCl4IRtransformants, suggesting that the production is via distinct OsDCRs. Expand
A Germin-Like Protein Gene Family Functions as a Complex Quantitative Trait Locus Conferring Broad-Spectrum Disease Resistance in Rice1[W][OA]
The similarities of sequence, gene organization, and roles in disease resistance of GLP family members in rice and other cereals, including barley and wheat, suggest that resistance contributed by the chr 8 OsGLP is a broad-spectrum, basal mechanism conserved among the Gramineae. Expand
Roles of DCL4 and DCL3b in rice phased small RNA biogenesis.
  • Xianwei Song, P. Li, +12 authors X. Cao
  • Biology, Medicine
  • The Plant journal : for cell and molecular…
  • 1 February 2012
RNA ligase-mediated 5' rapid amplification of cDNA ends and parallel analysis of RNA ends (PARE)/degradome analysis confirmed that most of the 21- and 24-nucleotide phased small RNA clusters were initiated from the target sites of miR2118 and miR2275, respectively. Expand
Scalable Name Lookup in NDN Using Effective Name Component Encoding
An effective Name Component Encoding (NCE) solution with the following two techniques is proposed: a code allocation mechanism is developed to achieve memory-efficient encoding for name components and an improved State Transition Arrays are applied to accelerate the longest name prefix matching. Expand