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Ubiquitin hydrolase Dub3 promotes oncogenic transformation by stabilizing Cdc25A
The dual specificity (Tyr/Thr) phosphatase Cdc25A activates cyclin-dependent kinases (Cdks) to promote cell-cycle progression and has significant oncogenic potential. Cdc25A protein levels areExpand
The transforming activity of Wnt effectors correlates with their ability to induce the accumulation of mammary progenitor cells
Ectopic activation of the Wnt signaling pathway is highly oncogenic for many human tissues. Here, we show that ectopic Wnt signaling increases the effective stem cell activity in mouse mammary glandsExpand
Wnt Isoform-Specific Interactions with Coreceptor Specify Inhibition or Potentiation of Signaling by LRP6 Antibodies
β-catenin-dependent Wnt signaling is initiated as Wnt binds to both the receptor FZD and coreceptor LRP5/6, which then assembles a multimeric complex at the cytoplasmic membrane face to recruit andExpand
Primary Cilia Regulate Branching Morphogenesis during Mammary Gland Development
During mammary gland development, an epithelial bud undergoes branching morphogenesis to expand into a continuous tree-like network of branched ducts [1]. The process involves multiple cell typesExpand
A computer simulation study comparing lesion detection accuracy with digital mammography, breast tomosynthesis, and cone-beam CT breast imaging.
Although conventional mammography is currently the best modality to detect early breast cancer, it is limited in that the recorded image represents the superposition of a three-dimensional (3D)Expand
Objective characterization of GE discovery CT750 HD scanner: gemstone spectral imaging mode.
PURPOSE To objectively characterize the performance of the gemstone spectral imaging (GSI) mode of GE CT750 HD scanner from a user's perspective. METHODS A regular scan protocol that approximatesExpand
A generic geometric calibration method for tomographic imaging systems with flat-panel detectors--a detailed implementation guide.
PURPOSE To present a generic geometric calibration method for tomographic imaging systems with flat-panel detectors in a very detailed manner, in the aim to provide a useful tool to the publicExpand
Radiation exposure from videofluoroscopic swallow studies in children with a type 1 laryngeal cleft and pharyngeal dysphagia: A retrospective review.
INTRODUCTION Radiation exposure is recognized as having long term consequences, resulting in increased risks over the lifetime. Children, in particular, have a projected lifetime risk of cancer,Expand
Dose reduction and compliance with pediatric CT protocols adapted to patient size, clinical indication, and number of prior studies.
PURPOSE To assess compliance and resultant radiation dose reduction with new pediatric chest and abdominal computed tomographic (CT) protocols based on patient weight, clinical indication, number ofExpand
Breast fibroblasts modulate early dissemination, tumorigenesis, and metastasis through alteration of extracellular matrix characteristics.
A wealth of evidence has now demonstrated that the microenvironment in which a tumorigenic cell evolves is as critical to its evolution as the genetic mutations it accrues. However, there is stillExpand