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Network Latency Estimation for Personal Devices: A Matrix Completion Approach
We propose a new class of low-rank matrix completion algorithms, which predicts the missing entries in an extracted "network feature matrix" by iteratively minimizing a weighted Schatten- $p$ norm to approximate the rank. Expand
Identification of Differentially Expressed Genes in the Longissimus Dorsi Muscle Tissue between Duroc and Erhualian Pigs by mRNA Differential Display
In order to identify differentially expressed mRNAs (which represent possible candidates for significant phenotypic variances of muscle growth, meat quality between introduced European and ChineseExpand
A chromosome-specific sequence common to the B genome of polyploid wheat and Aegilops searsii
A low-copy, non-coding chromosome-specific DNA sequence, isolated from common wheat, was physically mapped to the distal 19% region of the long arm of chromosome 3B (3BL) of common wheat. ThisExpand
Dynamic Simulation and Test of IEC 61850-9-2 Process Bus Applications
IEC 61850-9-2 proposes the process bus communication for protection and automation within substations. The actual performance of process bus such as real-time, security and reliability are ofExpand
Sequence Characterization, Expression Profile, Chromosomal Localization and Polymorphism of the Porcine SMPX Gene
The full-length cDNA of the porcine SMPX gene was obtained by the rapid amplification of cDNA ends (RACE). The nucleotide sequences and the predicted protein sequences share high sequence identityExpand
A Dynamic Load Balancing Strategy Based on HAProxy and TCP Long Connection Multiplexing Technology
A load balancing strategy based on HAProxy and TCP long connection multiplexing technology is proposed to solve the waste of network resources caused by TCP requests in the data storage module of electrical energy management system. Expand
An embedded mesh method using piecewise constant multipliers with stabilization: mathematical and numerical aspects
Summary An embedded mesh method using piecewise constant multipliers originally proposed by Puso et al. (CMAME, 2012) is analyzed here to determine effects of the pressure stabilization term andExpand
Upper Cretaceous mudstones are the most important source rocks in the Termit Basin, SE Niger. For this study, 184 mudstone samples from the Santonian–Campanian Yogou Formation and the underlyingExpand
Image Classification for Dogs and Cats
In this project, our task is to develop an algorithm to classify images of dogs and cats, which is the Dogs vs. Cats competition from Kaggle. We mainly investigated two approaches to address thisExpand
Scheduling with Collaborative Mobile Charge Problem with Time Windows in 2-D Wireless Sensor Networks
Recent breakthroughs in wireless energy transfer and rechargeable lithium batteries emerge the problem of mobile charge. Mobile charge describes a fleet of mobile chargers deliver energy to sensorExpand