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People with history: An update on historical archaeology in the United States
Historical archaeology has expanded greatly in the past decade. This essay discusses some of the trends and themes that have become important in historical archaeology in the United States sinceExpand
Mortuary Display and Status in a Nineteenth-Century Anglo-American Cemetery In Manassas, Virginia
In this study of an Anglo-American cemetery used between the 1830s and 1907, contemporary mortuary trends and cultural attitudes toward death provide the historical context necessary to interpretExpand
Heritage of value, archaeology of renown : reshaping archaeological assessment and significance
1. Introduction: Archaeological Value in a World Context, by Clay Mathers, Timothy Darvill, and Barbara Little Part I. Archaeology and Heritage 2. "Sorted for Ease and Whiz": Approaching Value andExpand
Historical Archaeology: Why the Past Matters
Historical Archaeology: Why the Past Matters Barbara J. Little Walnut Creek: Left Coast Press, 2007 207 pp., 11 figures, bibliography, index; $59 (cloth)/$22.95 (paperback). ISBN: 978-1-59874-022-6Expand
Archaeology as a tool of civic engagement
0 Introduction: Archaeology and Civic Engagement Chapter 1 History, Justice, and Reconciliation Chapter 2 Civic Engagement at Werowocomoco: Reasserting Native Narratives from a Powhatan Place ofExpand
Archaeology, History, and Material Culture: Grounding Abstractions and Other Imponderables
United States national programs for historic preservation have a great influence on public memory and commemoration. Decisions about what may be listed in the National Register of Historic Places orExpand