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Lie : a package for Lie group computations
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µCRL: A Toolset for Analysing Algebraic Specifications
µCRL [13] is a language for specifying and verifying distributed systems in an algebraic fashion. It targets the specification of system behaviour in a process-algebraic style and of data elements inExpand
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The paper introduces a new numerical method for continuation of equilibria of models describing physiologically structured populations. To describe such populations, we use integral equations coupledExpand
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A Database Approach to Distributed State Space Generation
We study distributed state space generation on a cluster of workstations. It is explained why state space partitioning by a global hash function is problematic when states contain variables fromExpand
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Computer assisted manipulation of algebraic process specifications
Specifications of system behaviour tend to become large. Analysis of such specifications requires automated tools. Most attention hitherto has been invested in fully automatic tools. We howeverExpand
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Modular language implementation in Rascal - experience report
All software evolves, and programming languages and programming language tools are no exception. And just like in ordinary software construction, modular implementations can help ease the process ofExpand
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New developments around the mCRL tool set
Abstract Some recent developments in the μCRL tool set are presented. New analysis techniques are a symbolic model checker, and a visualizer for huge state spaces. Also various transformations areExpand
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Tutorial and Reference Guide for the Crl Toolset Version 1.0
This document provide suucient material to use the algebraic process description language CRL and the tools in the toolset (version 1.0). First an explanation for the data and process part of CRL isExpand
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Distributed Analysis with mu CRL: A Compendium of Case Studies
Models in process algebra with abstract data types can be analysed by state space generation and reduction tools. The µCRL toolset implements a suite of distributed verification tools for clusters ofExpand
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Compressed and Distributed File Formats for Labeled Transition Systems
  • S. Blom, Izak van Langevelde, B. Lisser
  • Computer Science
  • Electron. Notes Theor. Comput. Sci.
  • 1 September 2003
Abstract With model checking techniques growing towards maturity, the availability for standardised file formats for labeled transition systems is more important than ever. A number of requirementsExpand
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