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Summertime community structure of intertidal macrobenthos in Changdao Archipelago, Shandong Province, China
The community structure of intertidal macrobenthos in Changdao Archipelago (north of Shandong Peninsula, between Bohai Bay and the northern Yellow Sea) was examined based on samples collected from 14Expand
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An account of the genus Turris species (Mollusca : Gastropoda : Turridae) from the East and South China Seas
Five species of the genus Turris Roding, 1798 from the China seas are reported in the present paper, they are Turris grandis (Gray, 1834); T. crispa (Lamarck, 1816); T. undosa (Lamarck, 1816); T.Expand
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Macrobenthic assemblage characteristics under stressed waters and ecological health assessment using AMBI and M-AMBI: a case study at the Xin’an River Estuary, Yantai, China
To understand the ecological status and macrobenthic assemblages of the Xin’an River Estuary and its adjacent waters, a survey was conducted for environmental variables and macrobenthic assemblageExpand
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Long‐term changes of marine subtidal benthic communities in North East Asia (Yellow and Japan seas) in a global change context: A review
Key Laboratory of Coastal Biology and Bioresource Utilization, Yantai Institute of Coastal Zone Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Yantai, 264003, China Center for Ocean Mega-Science, ChineseExpand
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Feeding and bioturbation effects of the sand dollar Peronella lesueuri (L. Agassiz, 1841) (Echinodermata) on microphytobenthos and sediment fluxes
Respiration and excretion rates of a key bioturbating species, the sand dollar Peronella lesueuri, were measured in mesocosms at three different temperatures. Benthic oxygen and nutrient fluxes wereExpand
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The relationship between soft-bottom macrobenthic communities and environmental variables off Ningjin, eastern Shandong Peninsula
Macrobenthic infauna and associated environmental factors influencing the benthic community in the eastern coastal region of Shandong Peninsula were analyzed in four seasonal surveys from JanuaryExpand
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Macrobenthic community of the intertidal zone of Jiaozhou Bay
Based on the macrobenthic samples collected seasonally from 9 intertidal stations in Nugukou (N1, N2, N3, the high, middle and low tidal stations), Hongshiya (H1, H2, H3, the high, middle and lowExpand
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Preventive ligation of thoracic duct and chylothorax
Objective To explore the effect of prophylactic thoracic duct ligation in prevention of chylothorax during the operation of esophagus.Methods The incidence of chylothorax was evaluated by analyzingExpand
Size distribution of individuals in the population of Asterias amurensis (Echinodermata: Asteroidea) and its reproductive cycle in China
To obtain baseline information on the size distribution of individuals in the population and reproductive features of sea star Asterias amurensis, monthly surveys of the population were carried outExpand
Analysis of macrobenthic assemblages of Lake Illawarra, New South Wales
1 A survey of the macrobenthos community was carried out in Lake Illawarra, NSW, Australia, during April and May 2011. 2 The aim of this study was to understand the current status of theExpand