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The locust genome provides insight into swarm formation and long-distance flight
A draft 6.5 Gb genome sequence of Locusta migratoria is presented, which is the largest animal genome sequenced so far, and complex regulatory mechanisms involved in microtubule dynamic-mediated synapse plasticity during phase change are revealed.
Adversarial Texts with Gradient Methods
This work proposes a framework to adapt the gradient attacking methods on images to text domain and successfully incorporates FGM and DeepFool into it, and empirically shows that WMD is closely related to the quality of adversarial texts.
A dynamic RWA algorithm in a wavelength-routed all-optical network with wavelength converters
  • Xiaowen Chu, B. Li
  • Computer Science
    IEEE INFOCOM . Twenty-second Annual Joint…
  • 9 July 2003
It is argued perhaps for the first time, that an effective RWA algorithm needs to take into account the presence of wavelength conversion as the latter is usually done at much earlier stage during the capacity planning.
The Value of Multiproxy Reconstruction of Past Climate
Understanding the dynamics of climate change in its full richness requires the knowledge of long temperature time series. Although long-term, widely distributed temperature observations are not
A dynamic call admission policy with precision QoS guarantee using stochastic control for mobile wireless networks
A novel stable dynamic call admission control mechanism (SDCA), which can maximize the radio channel utilization subject to a predetermined bound on the call dropping probability and introduces local control algorithms based on strictly local estimations of the needed traffic parameters, without requiring the status information exchange among different cells, which makes it very appealing in actual implementation.
Neighbor discovery in mobile ad hoc self-configuring networks with directional antennas: algorithms and comparisons
This paper proposes three 2-way random neighbor discovery algorithms, two of which may still use omni-antennas in certain stages of the algorithms and a new scan based algorithm, which is concluded to give the best performance among all the algorithms considered.
Unrestricted Adversarial Examples via Semantic Manipulation
This paper introduces "unrestricted" perturbations that manipulate semantically meaningful image-based visual descriptors -- color and texture -- in order to generate effective and photorealistic adversarial examples.
Adversarial Attack and Defense on Graph Data: A Survey
This work systemically organize the considered works based on the features of each topic and provides a unified formulation for adversarialLearning on graph data which covers most adversarial learning studies on graph.