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Timing is Everything ? An Experimental Investigation of Incomplete Information in Centralized Matching Mechanisms
In this paper, we experimentally investigate in a large game four matching mechanisms related to China’s college admission system: Boston or serial dictatorship with students submitting theirExpand
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Pictobot: A Cooperative Painting Robot for Interior Finishing of Industrial Developments
Human-robot collaboration (HRC) [1], [2] is a vastly developing field in diverse industries such as health care [3], industrial assembly [4], search and rescue, home service [5], and constructionExpand
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Remanufacturing Engineering Literature Overview and Future Research Needs
In the past ten years, the remanufacturing engineering has become a very popular topic in the industrial area as it is one of the most effective and potential strategies for the “end-of-life” productExpand
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The relationship between alexithymia, hostile attribution bias, and aggression
Abstract Prior studies found a positive association between alexithymia and aggression. This study extended existing findings by adopting a subdimensional approach to investigate the uniqueExpand
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Curriculum Design for Sustainability of Globally Integrated Manufacturing
Integrating the scalable nanotechnologies into existing industrial systems is highly beneficial for improving the quality, capability and performance of almost all kinds of industrial sectors.Expand
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How Does the Appeal of Environmental Values Influence Sustainable Entrepreneurial Intention?
Global challenges posed by climate change and environmental deterioration are increasingly driving entrepreneurship with sustainable entrepreneurial intention as a key driver in predictingExpand
An Surplus Asset Management Model for Environmental Impact Analysis of EOL Electronic Products
With increasing environmental regulations and waste management costs, environmentally conscious design and manufacturing (ECDM) and surplus asset recovery are becoming a more attractive approach toExpand
Thoughts on building ozonosphere friendly city in Xi'an
The article illustrates the situation before developing the work of phasing out ODS in Xi'an,estimates the annual ODS consumption of various trades,introduces the measures adopted by Xi'an city toExpand
Cell Di-Electrorotation: Studying of Rotation to Characterize Biological Cells and the Connections in Engineering to the Next Generation Standards
Biological engineering is a field that most secondary educator will never gain research experience in. With new engineering standards playing a predominant role in the new “Next Generation ScienceExpand