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High Performance Visual Tracking with Siamese Region Proposal Network
Visual object tracking has been a fundamental topic in recent years and many deep learning based trackers have achieved state-of-the-art performance on multiple benchmarks. However, most of theseExpand
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CoolStreaming/DONet: a data-driven overlay network for peer-to-peer live media streaming
This paper presents DONet, a data-driven overlay network for live media streaming. The core operations in DONet are very simple: every node periodically exchanges data availability information with aExpand
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SiamRPN++: Evolution of Siamese Visual Tracking With Very Deep Networks
Siamese network based trackers formulate tracking as convolutional feature cross-correlation between target template and searching region. However, Siamese trackers still have accuracy gap comparedExpand
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De novo transcript sequence reconstruction from RNA-Seq: reference generation and analysis with Trinity
De novo assembly of RNA-Seq data allows us to study transcriptomes without the need for a genome sequence, such as in non-model organisms of ecological and evolutionary importance, cancer samples, orExpand
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SECOND: Sparsely Embedded Convolutional Detection
LiDAR-based or RGB-D-based object detection is used in numerous applications, ranging from autonomous driving to robot vision. Voxel-based 3D convolutional networks have been used for some time toExpand
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Distractor-aware Siamese Networks for Visual Object Tracking
Recently, Siamese networks have drawn great attention in visual tracking community because of their balanced accuracy and speed. However, features used in most Siamese tracking approaches can onlyExpand
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Upstream congestion control in wireless sensor networks through cross-layer optimization
Congestion in wireless sensor networks not only causes packet loss, but also leads to excessive energy consumption. Therefore congestion in WSNs needs to be controlled in order to prolong systemExpand
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Priority-based congestion control in wireless sensor networks
In wireless sensor networks (WSNs), congestion occurs, for example, when nodes are densely distributed, and/or the application produces high flow rate near the sink due to the convergent nature ofExpand
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Inside the New Coolstreaming: Principles, Measurements and Performance Implications
  • B. Li, Susu Xie, +4 authors X. Zhang
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE INFOCOM - The 27th Conference on Computer…
  • 13 April 2008
The peer-to-peer (P2P) based video streaming has emerged as a promising solution for Internet video distribution. Leveraging the resource available at end users, this approach poses great potentialExpand
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On the optimal placement of web proxies in the Internet
Web caching or web proxy has been considered as the prime vehicle of coping with the ever-increasing demand for information retrieval over the Internet, the WWW being a typical example. Existing workExpand
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