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Thin film epitaxy with or without slope selection
Two nonlinear diffusion equations for thin film epitaxy, with or without slope selection, are studied in this work. The nonlinearity models the Ehrlich–Schwoebel effect – the kinetic asymmetry inExpand
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Perpendicular ion heating by low-frequency Alfven-wave turbulence in the solar wind
We consider ion heating by turbulent Alfv?n waves (AWs) and kinetic Alfv?n waves (KAWs) with wavelengths (measured perpendicular to the magnetic field) that are comparable to the ion gyroradius andExpand
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Kinetic plasma turbulence in the fast solar wind measured by Cluster
The k-filtering technique and wave polarization analysis are applied to Cluster magnetic field data to study plasma turbulence at the scale of the ion gyroradius in the fast solar wind. Waves areExpand
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The Simply Laminated Microstructure in Martensitic Crystals that Undergo a Cubic‐to‐Orthorhombic Phase Transformation
Abstract. We study simply laminated microstructures of a martensitic crystal capable of undergoing a cubic‐to‐orthorhombic transformation of type ${\mathcal P}^{(432)} \to {\mathcal P}^{(222)'}$.Expand
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Fluctuations of Omega-killed spectrally negative L\'evy processes
In this paper we solve the exit problems for a (reflected) spectrally negative L\'evy process exponentially killed with killing intensity depending on the present state of the process. We analyzeExpand
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El Niño–Southern Oscillation–related principal interannual variability modes of early and late summer rainfall over East Asia in sea surface temperature‐driven atmospheric general circulation model
[1] A large portion of interannual variability during early summer (May–June mean; hereinafter referred to as MJ) and late summer (July–August mean; hereinafter referred to as JA) rainfall over EastExpand
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Notes on discrete compound Poisson model with applications to risk theory
Probability generating function (p.g.f.) is a powerful tool to study discrete compound Poisson (DCP) distribution. By applying inverse Fourier transform of p.g.f., it is convenient to numericallyExpand
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Dynamic model of ion and water transport in ionic polymer-metal composites
In the process of electro-mechanical transduction of ionic polymer-metal composites (IPMCs), the transport of ion and water molecule plays an important role. In this paper, the theoretical transportExpand
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Cool transition region loops observed by the Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph
We report on the first Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph (IRIS) study of cool transition region loops. This class of loops has received little attention in the literature. A cluster of such loopsExpand
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Relationships between O isotope equilibrium, mineral alteration and Rb–Sr chronometric validity in granitoids: implications for determination of cooling rate
A combined study of mineral O and Rb–Sr isotopes was carried out for a number of Mesozoic granitoids in China in order to compare the degree of O isotope equilibrium between coexisting minerals, withExpand
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