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Percutaneous transluminal balloon catheter aortic valvuloplasty (PTAV) was carried out in three elderly patients with acquired severe aortic valve stenosis. Transvalvular systolic pressure gradientExpand
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Role of endogenous endothelin in chronic heart failure: effect of long-term treatment with an endothelin antagonist on survival, hemodynamics, and cardiac remodeling.
BACKGROUND Plasma levels of the vasoconstrictor peptide endothelin (ET) are increased in chronic heart failure (CHF), and ET levels are a major predictor of mortality in this disease. Thus, ET mayExpand
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Doppler tissue imaging quantitates regional wall motion during myocardial ischemia and reperfusion.
BACKGROUND Quantification of regional myocardial function is a major unresolved issue in cardiology. We evaluated the accuracy of pulsed Doppler tissue imaging (DTI), a new echocardiographicExpand
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Improved myocardial ischemic response and enhanced collateral circulation with long repetitive coronary occlusion during angioplasty: a prospective study.
OBJECTIVES The goal of the study was to evaluate the progressive increase in ischemic threshold with multiple sequential transient coronary occlusions and to assess the role of the collateralExpand
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Electrocardiographic Patterns and Results of Radiofrequency Catheter Ablation of Clockwise Type I Atrial Flutter
Clockwise Rotation of Atrial Flutter. Introduction: Counterclockwise right atrial propagation is usually observed in common atrial flutter, but little is known regarding flutter with clockwise rightExpand
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Balloon aortic valvuloplasty in elderly patients at high risk for surgery, or inoperable. Immediate and mid-term results.
Although aortic valve replacement is undoubtedly the treatment of choice for aortic valve stenosis, balloon aortic valvuloplasty may represent the only possible treatment for some frail elderlyExpand
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Radiofrequency catheter ablation of atrial flutter. Further insights into the various types of isthmus block: application to ablation during sinus rhythm.
BACKGROUND Radiofrequency ablation of type 1 atrial flutter (AF1) has recently evolved toward an anatomically guided procedure directed to isthmuses at the lower part of the right atrium (RA).Expand
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Radiofrequency catheter ablation of atrial tachycardias.
Atrial tachycardias are frequently unresponsive to medical therapy. His bundle ablation has been proposed as a palliative treatment to treat symptoms and prevent development of tachycardia-mediatedExpand
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Percutaneous mechanical mitral commissurotomy with a newly designed metallic valvulotome: immediate results of the initial experience in 153 patients.
BACKGROUND Percutaneous balloon valvotomy has become a common treatment of mitral stenosis, but the cost of the procedure remains a limitation in countries with restricted financial resources,Expand
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Percutaneous transluminal balloon valvuloplasty of adult aortic stenosis: report of 92 cases.
Percutaneous transluminal balloon valvuloplasty was attempted in 92 adult patients with severe calcific aortic stenosis. The mean age was 75 +/- 11 years (range 38 to 91) and 35 patients were moreExpand
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