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Role of Polo-like Kinase CDC5 in Programming Meiosis I Chromosome Segregation
Meiosis is a specialized cell division in which two chromosome segregation phases follow a single DNA replication phase. The budding yeast Polo-like kinase Cdc5 was found to be instrumental inExpand
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Kinetochore Orientation during Meiosis Is Controlled by Aurora B and the Monopolin Complex
Kinetochores of sister chromatids attach to microtubules emanating from the same pole (coorientation) during meiosis I and microtubules emanating from opposite poles (biorientation) during meiosisExpand
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The Cdc14 phosphatase and the FEAR network control meiotic spindle disassembly and chromosome segregation.
During meiosis, DNA replication is followed by two consecutive rounds of chromosome segregation. Cells lacking the protein phosphatase CDC14 or its regulators, SPO12 and SLK19, undergo only a singleExpand
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Spo13 Maintains Centromeric Cohesion and Kinetochore Coorientation during Meiosis I
BACKGROUND The meiotic cell cycle, the cell division cycle that leads to the generation of gametes, is unique in that a single DNA replication phase is followed by two chromosome segregation phases.Expand
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Spo13 regulates cohesin cleavage.
A key aspect of meiotic chromosome segregation is that cohesin, the protein complex that holds sister chromatids together, dissociates from chromosome arms during meiosis I and from centromericExpand
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Meiosis: how to create a specialized cell cycle.
  • B. Lee, A. Amon
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Current opinion in cell biology
  • 1 December 2001
During the meiotic cell cycle, a single round of DNA replication precedes two nuclear divisions. Recent work has shown that the proteins controlling the mitotic cell cycle are either replaced byExpand
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Two major groups of vitellogenin cDNA clones from Oreochromis aureus (Steindachner).
cDNA libraries were constructed using livers of male and female Oreochromis aureus that were stimulated with estradiol. Restriction map analyses of vitellogenin (Vg) cDNA clones indicated 4 subgroupsExpand
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Identification of an encystation-specific transcription factor, Myb protein in Giardia lamblia.
The life cycle of Giardia lamblia contains two differentiation processes, encystation and excystation. We performed an experiment to identify the genes induced during encystation using theExpand
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