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Fracture of Brittle Solids by Brian Lawn
  • B. Lawn
  • Materials Science, Geology
  • 1 June 1993
This is an advanced text for higher degree materials science students and researchers concerned with the strength of highly brittle covalent–ionic solids, principally ceramics. It is a reconstructedExpand
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Fracture of brittle solids: Atomic aspects of fracture
  • B. Lawn
  • Materials Science
  • 1 June 1993
Until now we have approached crack propagation from the continuum viewpoint. Nonetheless, repeated allusions have been made in chapters 3 and 5 to the fundamental limitations of any such approachExpand
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A Critical Evaluation of Indentation Techniques for Measuring Fracture Toughness: I
The application of indentation techniques to the evaluation of fracture toughness is examined critically, in two parts. In this first part, attention is focused on an approach which involves directExpand
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Elastic/Plastic Indentation Damage in Ceramics: The Median/Radial Crack System
A theory for describing the evolution of the median/radial crack system in the far field of sharp-indenter contacts is developed. Analysis is based on a model in which the complex elastic/plasticExpand
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Beryllium-10 Dating of the Duration and Retreat of the Last Pinedale Glacial Sequence
Accurate terrestrial glacial chronologies are needed for comparison with the marine record to establish the dynamics of global climate change during transitions from glacial to interglacial regimes.Expand
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Dental enamel as a dietary indicator in mammals.
The considerable variation in shape, size, structure and properties of the enamel cap covering mammalian teeth is a topic of great evolutionary interest. No existing theories explain how suchExpand
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Indentation fracture: principles and applications
The basic principles and practical applications of indentation fracture are reviewed.
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Elastic/Plastic Indentation Damage in Ceramics: The Lateral Crack System
The mechanics of lateral crack propagation in a sharp-indenter contact field are described. The driving force for fracture has its origin in the residual component of the elastic/plastic field, whichExpand
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Indentation of Ceramics with Spheres: A Century after Hertz
  • B. Lawn
  • Materials Science
  • 20 January 2005
In this article we review the nature and mechanics of damage induced in ceramics by spherical indenters, from the classical studies of Hertz over a century ago to the present day. Basic descriptionsExpand
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Effect of sandblasting on the long-term performance of dental ceramics.
A study has been made of the effects of sandblasting on the strength of Y-TZP and alumina ceramic layers joined to polymeric substrates and loaded at the top surfaces by a spherical indenter, inExpand
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