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Percolation: Percolating Phase Transition In One and Two Dimensions, and in the Bethe Lattice Geometric Properties of Clusters Scaling Ansatz, Scaling Functions and Scaling Relations UniversalityExpand
Products of random matrices.
We derive analytic expressions for infinite products of random 2 x 2 matrices. The determinant of the target matrix is log-normally distributed, whereas the remainder is a surprisingly complicatedExpand
Physics of Continuous Matter: Exotic and Everyday Phenomena in the Macroscopic World
With equal emphasis on intuition and formalism, this text provides a unified, comprehensive, and coherent introduction to continuum physics that requires only some Newtonian mechanics and modestExpand
The bathtub vortex in a rotating container
We study the time-independent free-surface flow which forms when a fluid drains out of a container, a so-called bathtub vortex. We focus on the bathtub vortex in a rotating container and describe theExpand
Citation networks in high energy physics.
The citation network constituted by the SPIRES database is investigated empirically and a consideration of citation distribution by subfield shows that the citation patterns of high energy physics form a remarkably homogeneous network. Expand
Number and weights of Feynman diagrams
The functional techniques of field theory are adapted to the problem of evaluating sums of combinatoric and group-theoretic weights of Feynman diagrams in phi/sup N/, quantum electrodynamics andExpand
Anatomy of a bathtub vortex.
The fast down-flow is found to be confined to a narrow and rapidly rotating "drainpipe" from the free surface down to the drain hole, and at the tip of the needlelike surface depression, a bubble-forming instability at high rotation rates is observed. Expand
Measures for measures
Comparing commonly used measures of author quality, the mean number of citations per paper emerges as a better indicator than the more complex Hirsch index; a third method, the number of papers published per year, measures industry rather than ability. Expand
Protein secondary structure and homology by neural networks. The alpha-helices in rhodopsin.
A new measure of homology between proteins is provided by the network approach, which thereby leads to quantification of the differences between the primary structures of proteins. Expand
Brownian Warps: A Least Committed Prior for Non-rigid Registration
A regularizer is suggested which is based on first principles, is symmetric with respect to source and destination, and fulfills a natural semi-group property for warps. Expand