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Phenotypic prediction based on metabolomic data for growing pigs from three main European breeds.
Predicting phenotypes is a statistical and biotechnical challenge, both in medicine (predicting an illness) and animal breeding (predicting the carcass economical value on a young living animal).Expand
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Impact of vacancies on electronic properties of black phosphorus probed by STM
Black phosphorus (BP) is receiving significant attention because of its direct 0.4–1.5 eV layer-dependent bandgap and high mobility. Because BP devices rely on exfoliation from bulk crystals, thereExpand
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A novel in vivo porcine model of intervertebral disc degeneration induced by cryoinjury
PurposeDegenerative disc disease involves sequential events that lead to the loss of cells, a decrease in disc matrix production, disc dehydration, and alteration of its biomechanical properties. TheExpand
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Reconciling National and International Interests: The Rockefeller Museum and Its Collections
Fontan, E. 2002. Les collections phéniciennes au Musée du Louvre. In Art phénicien: la sculpture de tradition phénicienne, ed. A. Caubet, E. Fontan, and E. Gubel, 7–14. Paris: Réunion des MuséesExpand