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Reassembling the Social: An Introduction to Actor-Network-Theory
The book «Reassembling the Social» presents the fundamental thoughts of a leading social theorist on whata society is and what the word «social» actually means. According to the author «the social»,Expand
We Have Never Been Modern
What makes us modern? This is a classic question in philosophy as well as in political science. However it is often raised without including science and technology in its definition. The argument ofExpand
Pandora's Hope: Essays on the Reality of Science Studies
"Do You Believe in Reality?" News from the Trenches of the Science Wars Circulating Reference: Sampling the Soil in the Amazon Forest Science's Blood Flow: An Example from Joliot's ScientificExpand
Laboratory Life: The Construction of Scientific Facts
This highly original work presents laboratory science in a deliberately skeptical way: as an anthropological approach to the culture of the scientist. Drawing on recent work in literary criticism,Expand
Why Has Critique Run out of Steam? From Matters of Fact to Matters of Concern
  • B. Latour
  • Political Science
  • Critical Inquiry
  • 1 January 2004
Wars. Somanywars.Wars outside andwars inside.Culturalwars, science wars, and wars against terrorism.Wars against poverty andwars against the poor. Wars against ignorance and wars out of ignorance. MyExpand
On Recalling Ant
The paper explores one after the other the four difficulties of actor-network theory, that is the words ‘actor’, ‘network’ and ‘theory’—without forgetting the hyphen. It tries to refocus theExpand
Science in action : how to follow scientists and engineers through society
  • B. Latour
  • Engineering, Sociology
  • 1 September 1989
Acknowledgements Introduction Opening Pandora's Black Box PART I FROM WEARER TO STRONGER RHETORIC Chapter I Literature Part A: Controversies Part B: When controversies flare up the literature becomesExpand