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The psychology of social impact.
The author proposes a theory of social im- pact specifying the effect of other persons on an in- dividual. According to the theory, when other people are the source of impact and the individual is
Bystander intervention in emergencies: diffusion of responsibility.
This experiment suggests that the explanation for bystander inaction in real-life emergencies may lie more in the bystander's response to other observers than in his indifference to the victim.
Many Hands Make Light the Work: The Causes and Consequences of Social Loafing
Two experiments found that when asked to perform the physically exerting tasks of clapping and shouting, people exhibit a sizable decrease in individual effort when performing in groups as compared
Group inhibition of bystander intervention in emergencies.
Male undergraduates found themselves in a smoke-filling room either alone, with 2 nonreacting others, or in groups of 3. As predicted, Ss were less likely to report the smoke when in the presence of
From private attitude to public opinion: A dynamic theory of social impact.
A computer simulation modeled the change of attitudes in a population resulting from the interactive, reciprocal, and reeursive operation of Latan~'s (198 I) theory of social impact, which specifies
Ten years of research on group size and helping Psychological Bulletin Vol 89
An apparatus for the preparation and distribution of individual dosage units of pharmaceutical material including a portable housing means provided with a plurality of distribution trays removably
Dynamic Social Impact: The Creation of Culture by Communication.
I propose a dynamic theory of social impact to account for how coherent structures of cultural elements emerge from the interactions of people located in space. In this conception, social structure
The Social Impact of Majorities and Minorities.
Previous theorizing about social influence processes has led to the emergence of two research traditions, each focusing on only a subset of influence situations. Research on conformity looks at the
Distance Matters: Physical Space and Social Impact
Studies of college students and citizens of south Florida, United States, students in Shanghai, China, and an international sample of social psychologists show that social influence, measured by the