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The worldwide leaf economics spectrum
Bringing together leaf trait data spanning 2,548 species and 175 sites we describe, for the first time at global scale, a universal spectrum of leaf economics consisting of key chemical, structuralExpand
Plant diversity in mediterranean-climate regions.
The high plant diversity of mediterranean-climate regions has attracted much attention over the past few years. This review discusses patterns and determinants of local, differential and regionalExpand
Plant structural traits and their role in anti-herbivore defence
We consider the role that key structural traits, such as spinescence, pubescence, sclerophylly and raphides, play in protecting plants from herbivore attack. Despite the likelihood that many of theseExpand
Assessing the generality of global leaf trait relationships.
Global-scale quantification of relationships between plant traits gives insight into the evolution of the world's vegetation, and is crucial for parameterizing vegetation-climate models. A databaseExpand
Resprouting as a key functional trait: how buds, protection and resources drive persistence after fire.
Resprouting as a response to disturbance is now widely recognized as a key functional trait among woody plants and as the basis for the persistence niche. However, the underlying mechanisms thatExpand
Canopy seed storage in woody plants
The retention of seeds in the plant canopy for one to 30 years or more is termed serotiny. It is well represented floristically and physiognomically in fire-prone, nutrient-poor and seasonally-dryExpand
Leaf specific mass confounds leaf density and thickness
SummaryWe explored the relationship between leaf specific mass (LSM) and its two components, leaf density and thickness. These were assessed on the leaves of (a) the moderately sclerophyllous treeExpand
The ecological significance of canopy seed storage in fire-prone environments: a model for non-sprouting shrubs
1 A comprehensive data set on age, survival and reproduction for the non-sprouting (fire-killed) shrub Banksia hookeriana, encompassing 13 years of measurements at 15 sites in south-westernExpand
World-wide leaf economics spectrum
Structure, ecology and physiology of root clusters – a review
Hairy rootlets, aggregated in longitudinal rows to form distinct clusters, are a major part of the root system in some species. These root clusters are almost universal (1600 species) in the familyExpand