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Carpal tunnel syndrome due to an haemangioma of the median nerve in a 12-year-old child.
A case of carpal tunnel syndrome due to an haemangioma of the median nerve in a 12-year-old male is reported. Radiological and histological data support a venous origin of the tumour. InterfascicularExpand
Trauma of the fatty tissue.
Contusions of soft tissues are frequently encountered but the more often without any major consequence. However, trauma of the fat may induce complications ranging from mere lymphatic effusion to theExpand
Early dermabrasion of deep dermal burns with sandpaper. Case reports.
Deep dermal burns are initially difficult to evaluate, and they sometimes heal spontaneously. We present our experience of dermabrasion with sandpaper in four patients. It is a useful alternative toExpand
[Treatment of cleft lip and palate: long-term results].
Since 1958, 900 children with cleft lip and palate were operated on at the University Hospital Brugmann in Brussels. Until 1981, the children were operated at 6 months for the lip and at 18 monthsExpand
[Carpal tunnel syndrome. Comparative studies of pre- and postoperative magnetic resonance and electromyography].
A comparative wrist study was conducted in a total of 36 subjects: 20 normal volunteers and 16 patients with diagnosed carpal tunnel syndrome. 1.5 Tesla MR was used with a cylindrical extremity coll.Expand
[MRI of the wrist joint].
Due to the development of new surface coils and the use of thin slices, MRI has become an essential diagnostic tool in wrist pathology. After several technical considerations, the authors describeExpand
[Analysis of 156 breast reconstructions by transverse rectus abdominis muscle flap (TRAM)].
The myocutaneous rectus abdominis flap described by Hartrampf was used for 156 breast reconstructions between 1982 and 1992. 107 reconstructions were done with one pedicle. 142 were delayedExpand
[Immediate breast reconstruction by musculocutaneous flap].
Immediate breast reconstruction (IBR) after mastectomy is now quite frequent. To achieve this, an implant, in a complete muscular pocket, or a myocutaneous flap (latissimus dorsi, TRAM flap) can beExpand
Human orf.
Human Orf is an uncommon viral disease acquired through contact with infected sheep and goats. We report five cases of human Orf acquired while preparing mutton. The clinical picture and theExpand