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The life cycle of Parvatrema homoeotecnum sp.nov.(Trematoda: Digenea) and a review of the family Gymnophallidae Morozov, 1955
1. Parvatrema homoeotecnum sp.nov. from the oystercatcher, Haematopus ostralegus occidentalis Neumann at Aberystwyth is described and compared with other species of the genus. 2. The life cycle ofExpand
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Studies on the morphology, ecology and life-cycle of Meiogymnophallus minutus (Cobbold, 1859) comb. nov. (Trematoda: Gymnophallidae).
Meiogymnophallvs minutus (Cobbold, 1859) comb, nov., from Cardium edule L. and Haematopus ostralegus occidentalis Neumann is shown to be synonymous with Lecithodendrium somateriae (non Levinsen,Expand
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The occurrence of larval Digenea in ten species of intertidal prosobranch molluscs in Cardigan Bay.
Summary The percentage infection with fifteen species of larval Digenea is described in ten species of littoral prosobranchs in Cardigan Bay. In some host species percentage infection varies with theExpand
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The Digenea of the Intertidal Prosobranch, Littorina Saxatilis (Olivi)
Summary A description is given of the rediae or sporocysts, cercariae and, where known, metacercariae, encystment, ecology and host specificity of the larval digenean parasites of the subspeciesExpand
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The morphology of Cercaria cerastodermae I nom. nov. (Monorchiidae) (=Cercaria lepidapedon rachion (Cobbold, 1858) sensu Lebour, 1908) a rare digenean parasite of the cockle in Britain
Summary The mother sporocyst, daughter sporocyst, cercaria and metacercaria of Cercaria cerastodermae I nom. nov. are described from the haemocoel of the digestive gland and gonad of CerastodermaExpand
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The Digenea in marine molluscs from Eyjafjordur, north Iceland.
Abstract Fourteen species of marine molluscs, collected from the west coast of Eyjafjordur, North Iceland, are examined for parasitic Digenea. The distribution and where necessary the morphology ofExpand
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Glycolysis in the digestive gland of healthy and parasitized Littorina saxatilis rudis (Maton) and in the daughter sporocysts of Microphallus similis (Jäg.) (Digenea: Microphallidae).
Abstract 1. 1. The activities of sixteen Embden-Meyerhof pathway and related enzymes were determined in healthy and parasitized digestive glands of Littorina saxatilis rudis and in the daughterExpand
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