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From Isolationism to Neutrality: A New Framework for Understanding American Political Culture, 1919–1941
The concept of isolationism hovers like a pall over histories of American political culture between the world wars. Few historians really believe in the term’s utility anymore, and many simply ignoreExpand
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Becoming Americans in Paris : transatlantic politics and culture between the World Wars
Introduction: The Age of World Wars Part I: The Specter of Americanization 1. Triumphant Arrivals 2. Reluctant Hosts Part II: Parisian Cultural Politics 3. The Sacco-Vanzetti Riots 4. PrefectExpand
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9. That Touch of Mink
The Debate Table: Eric Rauchway and Ian Tyrrell Discuss American Exceptionalism
The concept of “American exceptionalism” continues to arouse passion and cause controversy. It rattles through historiographical essays, haunts presidential candidates, and sells books. Some punditsExpand
6. V-J Day, 1945, Times Square
Anti-Americanism Encore Une Fois
The WRITER'S STUDIO with Linda Gordon
Edith Wharton preferred to write in bed. Ernest Hemingway liked to polish his sentences at a well-lighted café table. For Maya Angelou the most productive place was a hotel room with bare walls.Expand