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Embolization of Acute Nonvariceal Upper Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage Resistant to Endoscopic Treatment: Results and Predictors of Recurrent Bleeding
Acute nonvariceal upper gastrointestinal (UGI) hemorrhage is a frequent complication associated with significant morbidity and mortality. The most common cause of UGI bleeding is peptic ulcerExpand
Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Correlation Between Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Level and Degree of Enhancement by Multiphase Contrast-Enhanced Computed Tomography
Kwak BK, Shim HJ, Park ES, et al. Hepatocellular carcinoma: Correlation between vascular endothelial growth factor level and degree of enhancement by multiphase contrast-enhanced computed tomography.Expand
Chitin-based embolic materials in the renal artery of rabbits: pathologic evaluation of an absorbable particulate agent.
PURPOSE To prospectively evaluate the tissue reaction to and the embolic effect and absorption of chitin and chitosan microspheres and polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) in the renal artery of rabbits. Expand
3-bromopyruvate: a new targeted antiglycolytic agent and a promise for cancer therapy.
The pyruvate analog, 3-bromopyruvate, is an alkylating agent and a potent inhibitor of glycolysis. This antiglycolytic property of 3-bromopyruvate has recently been exploited to target cancer cells,Expand
Treatment of high-flow priapism with superselective transcatheter embolization in 27 patients: a multicenter study.
PURPOSE To evaluate the effectiveness and safety of treatment of high-flow priapism (HFP) with superselective transcatheter embolization at nine university hospitals. MATERIALS AND METHODS BetweenExpand
Packing technique for endovascular coil embolisation of peripheral arterial pseudo-aneurysms with preservation of the parent artery: safety, efficacy and outcomes.
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the endovascular treatment of pseudo-aneurysms (PAs) with super-selective coil embolisation using the 3D packing technique. DESIGN Retrospective study of consecutive patientsExpand
In vivo Tracking of Mesenchymal Stem Cells Labeled with a Novel Chitosan-coated Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles using 3.0T MRI
This study aimed to characterize and MRI track the mesenchymal stem cells labeled with chitosan-coated superparamagnetic iron oxide (Chitosan-SPIO). Chitosan-SPIO was synthesized from a mixture ofExpand
Preparation of doxorubicin-containing chitosan microspheres for transcatheter arterial chemoembolization of hepatocellular carcinoma
A new form of doxorubicin hydrochloride (DRH)-containing chitosan microspheres (CMs) was prepared by employing an expanding-loading-shrinking (E-L-S) process. One hundred mg of pre-formed CMs wereExpand
3-Bromopyruvate induces endoplasmic reticulum stress, overcomes autophagy and causes apoptosis in human HCC cell lines.
BACKGROUND Autophagy, a cellular response to stress, plays a role in resistance to chemotherapy in cancer cells. Resistance renders systemic chemotherapy generally ineffective against humanExpand
Tuberculous Aneurysm of the Abdominal Aorta: Endovascular Repair Using Stent Grafts in Two Cases
Tuberculous aneurysm of the aorta is exceedingly rare. To date, the standard therapy for mycotic aneurysm of the abdominal aorta has been surgery involving in-situ graft placement or extra-anatomicExpand