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Interaction between light and highly confined hypersound in a silicon photonic nanowire
The authors experimentally and theoretically demonstrate stimulated Brillouin scattering in a silicon nanowire supported by a pillar, which results from the tight confinement of both photons and
Expanding the Silicon Photonics Portfolio With Silicon Nitride Photonic Integrated Circuits
The high index contrast silicon-on-insulator platform is the dominant CMOS compatible platform for photonic integration. The successful use of silicon photonic chips in optical communication
Nonlinear properties of and nonlinear processing in hydrogenated amorphous silicon waveguides.
It is observed that the nonlinear optical properties of these waveguides degrade with time, but that this degradation can be reversed by annealing the samples.
On-chip parametric amplification with 26.5 dB gain at telecommunication wavelengths using CMOS-compatible hydrogenated amorphous silicon waveguides.
This work presents what they believe to be the first study of parametric amplification in hydrogenated amorphous silicon waveguides and measures nonlinear parameter and bandgap in this area.
An octave-spanning mid-infrared frequency comb generated in a silicon nanophotonic wire waveguide
This work takes a different approach to spectral broadening of mid-infrared frequency combs and investigates CMOS-compatible highly nonlinear dispersion-engineered silicon nanophotonic waveguides on a silicon-on-insulator chip and demonstrates phase-coherent comb spectra broadened on a room-temperature-operating CMos-compatible chip.
III-V-on-Silicon Photonic Devices for Optical Communication and Sensing
In the paper, we review our work on heterogeneous III-V-on-silicon photonic components and circuits for applications in optical communication and sensing. We elaborate on the integration strategy and
Silicon-Based Photonic Integration Beyond the Telecommunication Wavelength Range
In this paper we discuss silicon-based photonic integrated circuit technology for applications beyond the telecommunication wavelength range. Silicon-on-insulator and germanium-on-silicon passive
Silicon photonics: Silicon nitride versus silicon-on-insulator
The relative benefits of Silicon nitride and silicon photonics are discussed, which provide an alternative moderate-index-contrast system that is manufacturable in the same CMOS environment.
Analysis of enhanced stimulated Brillouin scattering in silicon slot waveguides.
This work analyzed both forward and backward Brillouin scattering in high-index-contrast silicon slot waveguides to engineer a structure with large photon-phonon coupling and estimates a currently feasible gain of about 10(5) W(-1) m (-1) in horizontal slot wave GUides.
A III-V-on-Si ultra-dense comb laser
A demonstration of a III-V-on-Si comb laser that can function as a compact, low-cost frequency comb generator after frequency stabilization and the use of low-loss passive silicon waveguides enables the integration of a long laser cavity, which enables the laser to be locked in the passive mode at a record-low 1 GHz repetition rate.