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Partner-selection-criteria and Success of Technology Transfer: A Model Based on Learning Theory Applied to the Case of Indo-German
■ Technology transfer to Developing Countries is conceptualized as a learning process. ■ Success is seen as the acquired ability of the technology receiver to reproduce,
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Eigentumsstrategien deutscher und amerikanischer Unternehmen in der Tschechischen Republik im Vergleich: Einige Vorüberlegungen zu den ökonomischen und kulturellen Einflußfaktoren
Seit Beginn des Reformprozesses sind in die Tschechische Republik 8,7 Mrd. DM an auslandischen Direktinvestitionen geflossen. Bis Anfang 1995 haben die beiden Spitzeninvestoren, USA und Deutschland,Expand
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Hydrogeological Influence on the Transport and Fate of Contaminants in the Groundwater, India
High arsenic (As) fluoride (F-) nitrate (NO3 -) and salinity concentrations in groundwater are widespread problems in different part of Indian states. The various types of geological settings,Expand
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Characterization of hydrogeochemical process and evaluation of water quality of seven geothermal springs, Bakreswar, India
A study was conducted in seven geothermal springs located in Bakreswar, District Birbhum, West Bengal, India, in order to assess numerous geochemical processes which were responsible for chemicalExpand
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The composition, function and role of saliva in maintaining oral health: A review
Background: Saliva is certainly one of the most important components in the oral environment and an integral component to oral health. Aim: The components of saliva, its functions in maintaining oralExpand
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Distribution transformers are one of the most important equipment in power network. Because of, the large number of transformers distributed over a wide area in power electric systems, the dataExpand
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The effects of the Asian crisis on German FDI in Southeast Asia.
■ This paper sets out to enhance the understanding of the crisis' effects on foreign direct investment (FDI) by deploying theory of FDI. Hypotheses developed by the authors will be investigatedExpand
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Role of SiC nanowire coating on oxidation behavior of carbon fibers: Kinetic and thermodynamic study
Abstract The oxidation kinetics of SiC nanowire coated carbon fibers in oxygen atmosphere were studied through isothermal thermo-gravimetric analysis and dynamic thermo-gravimetric analysis. TheExpand
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