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Fifty years of change in Central European grassland vegetation: Large losses in species richness and animal-pollinated plants
Abstract There is growing concern that biodiversity loss in European agricultural landscapes is having negative effects on functional trait diversity. Long-term studies examining vegetation changesExpand
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Dramatic losses of specialist arable plants in Central Germany since the 1950s/60s – a cross‐regional analysis
Aim To assess the consequences of agricultural intensification since the 1950s for Central Europe’s plant communities of arable plants. Location Central Germany. Methods We employed a semipermanentExpand
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Crown plasticity in mixed forests—Quantifying asymmetry as a measure of competition using terrestrial laser scanning
Abstract Interspecific competition is a key process determining the dynamics of mixed forest stands and influencing the yield of multispecies tree plantations. Trees can respond to competitiveExpand
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Habitat loss of floodplain meadows in north Germany since the 1950s
Floodplain meadows are severely threatened by land use change and intensification in Central Europe. This study investigates quantitative and qualitative changes in the vegetation of wet andExpand
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Long‐term population trends in three grassland insect groups: a comparative analysis of 1951 and 2009
Development of farming practices has caused drastic changes in European agricultural landscapes during the past 50 years. As a consequence of these changes, insect diversity is widely expected toExpand
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Artisanal Mining, Livelihoods, and Child Labor in the Cobalt Supply Chain of the Democratic Republic of Congo
Publication date: May 6, 2017 Center for Effective Global Action Policy Report Artisanal Mining, Livelihoods, and Child Labor in the Cobalt Supply Chain of the Democratic Republic of Congo BenjaminExpand
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Quantification of Biomass Production Potentials from Trees Outside Forests—A Case Study from Central Germany
Woody biomass of trees outside forests (TOF) is gaining increasing interest in many countries as it is a renewable energy source that has not been managed for bioenergy production. Our case studyExpand
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Detecting long-term losses at the plant community level – arable fields in Germany revisited
Question The intensification of crop cultivation in much of Europe since the mid-20th century has greatly increased crop yields but caused dramatic biodiversity losses in arable fields. WeExpand
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Veränderungen in der Segetalflora in den letzten Jahrzehnten und mögliche Konsequenzen für Agrarvögel
Untersucht werden die Auswirkungen der ackerbaulichen Intensivierung auf die Segetalvegetation in Nord- und Mitteldeutschland, und mogliche Konsequenzen fur die Vogel der Agrarlandschaft. In denExpand
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Matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometric investigation of pollen and their classification by multivariate statistics.
RATIONALE A fast and reliable online identification of pollen is not yet available. The identification of pollen is based mainly on the evaluation of morphological data obtained by microscopicExpand
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