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Genome wide expression profiling of two accession of G. herbaceum L. in response to drought
BackgroundGenome-wide gene expression profiling and detailed physiological investigation were used for understanding the molecular mechanism and physiological response of Gossypium herbaceum, whichExpand
Transgenic tomato line expressing modified Bacillus thuringiensis cry1Ab gene showing complete resistance to two lepidopteran pests
The modified truncated Bt-cry1Ab gene of Bacillus thuringiensis has been used for the development and selection of over expressing transgenic events in a commercially important variety of tomatoExpand
The Artemisia Genus: A Review on Traditional Uses, Phytochemical Constituents, Pharmacological Properties and Germplasm Conservation
Artemisia, being the largest and widely distributed genus of the plant family Asteraceae encompasses more than 400 species. Some popular species are reported to possess several medicinal propertiesExpand
Moringa oleifera Lam.: panacea to several maladies.
Moringa oleifera Lam. (Moringaceae), a ‘miracle tree’ is grown in many countries of tropics and sub-tropics. It has proved to be an excellent source of phytonutrients and has therefore nutritionalExpand
Cis-acting motifs in artificially synthesized expression cassette leads to enhanced transgene expression in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.).
Efficacy of artificial synthetic expression modules was compared with native CaMV35S and DECaMV35S promoter in transgenic tomato developed by Agrobacterium-mediated transformation. The promotersExpand
Crops for Future
By 2030, it is expected that the uncontrolled population growth rate shall pose a threat to world foodsecurity. Moreover, the over-exploitation of routinely cultivated crops shall worsen theExpand
Genus Psoralea: A review of the traditional and modern uses, phytochemistry and pharmacology
Abstract Ethnopharmacological relevance The genus Psoralea (Fabaceae) harbours 105 accepted species that are extensively used byExpand
Analysis of response to water deficit in three Indian varieties of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) for drought tolerance
Drought is one of the major abiotic stresses in agriculture for losses in crop productivity worldwide. Three chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) varieties namely P362, P1103 and SBD377 were assessed forExpand
Comparative performance of modified full-length and truncated Bacillus thuringiensis-cry1Ac genes in transgenic tomato
BackgroundBt-cry1Ac gene has been reputedly effective against Helicoverpa armigera a notorious lepidopteran pest. Reports on the expression of full-length and truncated cry1Ac genes in plants forExpand