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American Religious Identification Survey
Highlights  College-age Americans are divided among not two but three distinct worldviews: Religious, Secular, and Spiritual. o Each of the three worldviews is attached to a distinct outlook onExpand
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American Religious Identification Survey (ARIS 2008)
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On the Receiving End: Discrimination toward the Non-Religious in the United States
The present study examines perceived discrimination faced by religious ‘nones’. After distinguishing between atheists, agnostics, and ‘nones’ who are deists or theists, we use nationallyExpand
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American Nones: The Profile of the No Religion Population, A Report Based on the American Religious Identification Survey 2008
Barry A. Kosmin and Ariela Keysar with Ryan Cragun and Juhem Navarro-Rivera The 1990s was the decade when the "secular boom" occurred -"secular boom" occurred --- each year 1.3 each year 1.3 millionExpand
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Outcast Cape Town
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What Americans Really Believe
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The impact of religious identification on differences in educational attainment among American women in 1990
Les A.A. demontrent que la religion est associee a l'acquisition d'une education secondaire par les femmes blanches aux Etats-Unis. Elle a des effets directs et indirects sur la reussite scolaire.Expand
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Party political preferences of US Hispanics: The varying impact of religion, social class and demographic factors
Abstract The focus of this article is the pattern of party political preferences among the fast‐growing and increasingly politically significant Hispanic population. The source of our data is theExpand
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