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Body Language in Literature
The tilt of a head, the quirk of an eyebrow, or a shift in position can eloquently portray a wide range of emotions without a single word being spoken. Body language is a critical component ofExpand
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English Travel Writing from Pilgrimages to Postcolonial Explorations
Introduction: Travelling Pleasure - Reading Pleasure Charting the Genre Paths to the Real World: Travel Writing in the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period Paths to the Self: Accounts of the GrandExpand
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Can the Indigent Speak? Poverty Studies, the Postcolonial and the Global Appeal of Q & A and the White Tiger*
In a document of the United Nations, poverty is defined as “a human condition characterised by sustained or chronic deprivation of the resources, capabilities, choices, security and power necessaryExpand
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Anthologies of British poetry : critical perspectives from literary and cultural studies
Barbara KORTE: Flowers to be picked: Anthologies of Poetry in (British) Literary and Cultural Studies. Robert CRAWFORD: Poetry, Memory, and the Nation. Jonathan BARKER: Poetry and Readers: A ViewExpand
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Poverty on the Market: Precarious Lives in Popular Fiction
  • B. Korte
  • Political Science
  • 28 January 2014
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Narrating poverty and precarity in Britain
Poverty and precarity have gained a new societal and political presence in the twenty-first century's advanced economies. This is reflected in cultural production, which this book discusses for aExpand
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Aphra Behn’s The Widow Ranter: Theatrical Heroics in a Strange New World
Aphra Behn’s TheWidow Ranter (written 1687 or 1688) reacts to the crisis surrounding James II and the demise of the Stuart dynasty which Behn had supported during her entire writing career. In herExpand
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