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Interface formation of two- and three-dimensionally bonded materials in the case of GeTe-Sb₂Te₃ superlattices.
Contrary to the previously proposed models, it is found that the ground state of the film actually consists of van der Waals bonded layers of Sb2Te3 and rhombohedral GeSbTe, and it is shown by annealing the film at 400 °C, which reconfigures the superlattice into bulk rhombo Cathedral GeTe, that this van Der Waals layer is thermodynamically favored. Expand
Electron diffraction and high-resolution transmission electron microscopy of the high temperature crystal structures of Gexsb2Te3+x (x=1,2,3) phase change material
The crystal structures of GeSb2Te4, Ge2Sb2Te5, and Ge3Sb2Te6 were determined using electron diffraction and high-resolution transmission electron microscopy. The structure determined for the formerExpand
Electron microscopic study on pyrolysis of CCA (chromium, copper and arsenic oxide)-treated wood
The effectiveness of pyrolysis as a possible technique for disposing of CCA (chromium, copper and arsenic oxide)-treated wood was studied. A CCA-treated sample given an extra heat treatment at 450Expand
Ti3SiC2 : A damage tolerant ceramic studied with nano-indentations and transmission electron microscopy
Nano-indentations into Ti3SiC2 grains with their basal planes either oriented parallel or perpendicular with respect to the surface were performed. These grains were selected on the basis ofExpand
HRTEM study of Co7W6 and its typical defect structure
The tetrahedrally close-packed structure of Co7W6 (m-phase) was studied by HRTEM. A mas- sive presence of random sub-unit cell twins was detected. These planar defects were characterized in detailExpand
Tuning the atomic and domain structure of epitaxial films of multiferroic BiFeO3
Recent works have shown that the domain walls of room-temperature multiferroic BiFeO3 (BFO) thin films can display distinct and promising functionalities. It is thus important to understand theExpand
The evolution of microstructure in a laser clad TiB-Ti composite coating
Abstract The microstructure of a TiB/Ti composite coating, obtained by laser cladding a Ti–6Al–4V substrate with a Ti/TiB2 powder mixture, was scrutinized using transmission electron microscopy. TiBExpand
On the oxidation ofα-Fe andε-Fe2N1−z: I. Oxidation kinetics and microstructural evolution of the oxide and nitride layers
The oxidation of α-Fe and ɛ-Fe2N1−z at 573 K and 673 K in O2 at 1 atm was investigated by thermogravimetrical analysis, X-ray diffraction, light-optical microscopy, scanning electron microscopy andExpand
In situ transmission electron microscopy study of the crystallization of Ge2Sb2Te5
Crystallization of amorphous Ge2Sb2Te5 films (10, 40, and 70 nm thick) was studied by in situ heating in a transmission electron microscope (TEM). Electron irradiation-induced crystallization isExpand