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Changing prevalence of glomerular diseases in Korean adults: a review of 20 years of experience.
In the 5-year quartile comparison, the Relative frequency of IgAN increased, while the relative frequency of MCD and MPGN decreased significantly during the past 20 years. Expand
In vivo control and in vitro antifungal activity of rhamnolipid B, a glycolipid antibiotic, against Phytophthora capsici and Colletotrichum orbiculare
The glycolipid antibiotic rhamnolipid B isolated from Pseudomonas aeruginosa strain B5 was evaluated for in vitro antifungal activity and in vivo control against phytophthora blight and anthracnoseExpand
New Automated Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Core Antigen Assay as an Alternative to Real-Time PCR for HCV RNA Quantification
An automated hepatitis C virus (HCV) antigen (Ag) assay was evaluated with clinical samples and revealed that these two tests were highly correlated, suggesting that this assay could be an alternative test to quantitative reverse transcription-PCR. Expand
The Clinical Usefulness of Peritoneal Dialysis Fluids with Neutral pH and Low Glucose Degradation Product Concentration: An Open Randomized Prospective Trial
The use of biocompatible PDFs with neutral pH and low GDP concentration can contribute to improvement of peritoneal ultrafiltration andperitoneal effluent CA125 level, an indicator of peritonal membrane integrity in PD patients. Expand
Aggressiveness to Pumpkin Cultivars of Isolates of Phytophthora capsici from Pumpkin and Pepper
Nine isolates of Phytophthora capsici obtained from pumpkin and pepper in diverse geographic areas were evaluated for their ability to cause disease on nine Korean and Japanese pumpkin cultivars under controlled environmental conditions, suggesting that economic levels of resistance exist in pumpkin. Expand
Clinical Characteristics of Dialysis Related Sclerosing Encapsulating Peritonitis: Multi-center Experience in Korea
To reduce the incidence of SEP, careful monitoring and treatment, including early catheter removal in patients with severe peritonitis, should be considered for long-term CAPD patients with the above characteristics. Expand
Reduced residual renal function is a risk of peritonitis in continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis patients.
  • S. Han, S. C. Lee, +9 authors D. Han
  • Medicine
  • Nephrology, dialysis, transplantation : official…
  • 1 September 2007
The study revealed that RRF and diabetes were risk factors for peritonitis and suggested that preservation of RRF should be viewed as a protective strategy to reduceperitonitis. Expand
Atrasentan and renal events in patients with type 2 diabetes and chronic kidney disease (SONAR): a double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled trial
A potential role for selective endothelin receptor antagonists in protecting renal function in patients with type 2 diabetes at high risk of developing end-stage kidney disease is supported. Expand
Biochemical Evidence for an Editing Role of Thioesterase II in the Biosynthesis of the Polyketide Pikromycin*
The results provide the first unequivocal in vitro evidence that TEII can hydrolyze acyl-ACP thioesters and a model for the action of TEII in which the enzyme remains primarily dissociated from the polyketide synthase, preferentially removing aberrant acel-ACP species with long half-lives. Expand
Isolation and In Vivo and In Vitro Antifungal Activity of Phenylacetic Acid and Sodium Phenylacetate fromStreptomyces humidus
Two antifungal compounds isolated from Streptomyces humidus strain S5-55 cultures were identified as phenylacetic acid and sodium phenylacetate, respectively, and were as effective as the commercial fungicide metalaxyl in inhibiting spore germination and hyphal growth of P. capsici. Expand