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Analysis of sequelae secondary to the radial forearm flap. A study of twenty-six cases.
: The radial forearm flap is used extensively in hand and reconstructive surgery. We have performed 31 radial forearm flaps (15 free and 16 pedicled flaps) in 25 adults and 5 children. This seriesExpand
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[The forearm flap with a radial pedicle. Apropos of 13 cases].
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[Evaluation of 106 free flaps. Analysis of the failures and the indications].
Between April 1982 and April 1987, 106 free flaps were performed: 27 in the head and neck, 9 in the upper limbs and 60 in the lower limbs. 4 types of free flaps were essentially used: 42 latissimusExpand
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Magnetic behaviour of R2Co7B3 compounds (R Ho,Er,Tm)
Abstract Magnetic measurements were performed on R 2 Co 7 B 3 (R ≡ Ho, Er,Tm) compounds in the temperature range 2–800 K and external fields of up to 70 kOe. The compounds are ferrimagneticallyExpand
Computational micromagnetic investigation of magnetization reversal in Nd–Fe–B nanocomposite magnets
As a complement to the experimental analysis of magnetization reversal in a two-phase system, a numerical micromagnetic three-dimensional calculation is developed and tested. It is applied to a setExpand
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Experimental and Computational Micromagnetic Investigations of Magnetization Reversal in Lean Rare Earth Magnets