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INTRODUCTION Lichens of the genus Cladonia are used as medicinal plants in folk medicine. Biologically active food supplement (BAFS) on the basis of lichens p. Cladonia was derived byExpand
Endogenous ethanol and acetaldehyde in the mechanisms regulating vital activities during hibernation
347 The adaptations based on a decrease in the envi ronment–body temperature gradient at the expense of a considerable decrease in the level of metabolism in the body (hibernation) hold a specialExpand
Stabilization of Homeostasis in Rats during Cold Exposure with Ethanol
The role of ethanol metabolism system in adaptation of laboratory animals to cold temperatures was shown. Cold stress (1-2°C) modeled in male Wistar rats over 7 weeks significantly modulatedExpand
Actoprotective activity of complex biologics based on lichens thalli and Rhodiola rosea.
Известно, что ежегодные потери здравоохранения в мире вследствие низкой биодоступности и токсичности действующих веществ (ДВ) различных лекарственных препаратов составляют более 65 млрд долларовExpand
Condition of endogenous ethanol/acetaldehyde system and its role in resistance to alcoholization in populations of northern peoples.
There have been given results of a study of state of an endogenous ethanol, acetaldehyde system and metabolizing enzymes in the aboriginals of the North-East of Eurasia in different seasons of theExpand
Preservation of the gene pool of plants under permafrost conditions: State, advantages, and prospects
The effect of long-term storage of seeds of three leguminous species (Pisum sativum, Lens culinaris, and Cicer arietinum) on physiological (germination rate) and cytological (mitotic index)Expand
Oil Pollution Transformation and the Formation of Adaptive Plant Response in the Model Experiment with Permafrost Soils of Yakutia
Results are reported concerning a model experiment for studying the physiological characteristics of two plant species, the activity of soil enzymes, the intensity of oil pollution accumulation andExpand
Studies on the Rehabilitation Ability of the Yakutian Permafrost Soil-Plant Model System under Oil Pollution
Geochemical characteristics of Yakutian permafrost soils, soil enzymatic activity, as well as physiological, biochemical characteristics of the rough dandelion (Taraxacum ceratophorum) and relativeExpand