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Everyday politics in peasant societies (and ours)
Politics in peasant societies is mostly the everyday, quotidian sort. Hence, if one looks only for politics in conventional places and forms, much would be missed about villagers' political thoughtExpand
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Everyday politics in the Philippines: class and status relations in a Central Luzon village.
In this rich and probing study, an experienced ethnographer examines the everyday politics of a rice farming village in central Luzon. Contending that the faction and patron-client relationshipsExpand
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Agricultural Land in Vietnam: Markets Tempered by Family, Community and Socialist Practices
Since the late 1980s, markets involving agricultural land have emerged in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. One major reason is that collective farms, previously a central feature of the country'sExpand
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The Power of Everyday Politics: How Vietnamese Peasants Transformed National Policy
Preliminary pages 1. Introduction 2. Theorizing Everyday Politics in Collective Farming 3. Building on Wobbly Foundations, 1955-1961 4. Coping and Shoring Up, 1961-1974 5. Collapsing from Within,Expand
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An Approach for Analysing State-Society Relations in Vietnam
Abstract:This article examines four arenas in Vietnam's political life in which state-society relations are problematic: governing institutions and processes, mass media, agricultural collectives,Expand
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Village-State Relations in Vietnam: The Effect of Everyday Politics on Decollectivization
No longer does the state in vietnam require that farm land be aggregated, consolidated, and farmed collectively by work teams under the direction of rural cooperatives. Instead, the state is open toExpand
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Protests over Land in Vietnam: Rightful Resistance and More
From 2008 through 2011, the Vietnamese government received nearly 1.6 million complaints from citizens, mostly about land confiscations and related issues. Frequently people angry over land issuesExpand
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The Huk Rebellion: A Study of Peasant Revolt in the Philippines.
Thank you entirely much for downloading the huk rebellion a study of peasant revolt in the philippines by kerkvliet benedict j author mar 01 2002 paperback.Maybe you have knowledge that, people haveExpand
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Land reform in the Philippines since the Marcos coup
S TANDING IN THE CROWDED and richly decorated Maharlika Hall in the Presidential Palace, President Marcos, climaxed a speech on "The emancipation of tenants from the bondage of the soil," with theExpand
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