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Implantation of human fetal ventral mesencephalon to the right caudate nucleus in advanced Parkinson's disease.
Disaggregated ventral mesencephalic tissue from single aborted human fetuses of 11 to 18 weeks' gestation was implanted stereotaxically into a consistent striatal site in 12 patients with advancedExpand
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Supratentorial masses: stereotactic or freehand biopsy?
CT-guided stereotactic biopsy is now an accepted method of tissue sampling in intracranial mass lesions but many surgeons still practise freehand burrhole biopsy. This study compares two groups ofExpand
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A series of experimental surgery for advanced Parkinson's disease by foetal mesencephalic transplantation.
12 patients with advanced Parkinson's Disease who had right caudate implantations of late stage foetal mesencephalon have been followed up for 1 to 2 years with extensive clinical and physiologicalExpand
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Radicular pain caused by synovial cyst: an underdiagnosed entity in the elderly?
OBJECT Synovial cyst is a recognized but infrequent cause of nerve root or spinal canal compression. The authors undertook a review of 839 decompressive spinal procedures performed over a 5-yearExpand
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Stereotactic implantation of foetal mesencephalon (STIM): the UK experience.
Publisher Summary This chapter discusses the stereotactic implantation of fetal mesencephalon (STIM). In the experiment described in the chapter, implant material was harvested from 12 to 19 weekExpand
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Correlation of proto-oncogene expression and proliferation and meningiomas.
Proliferation and proto-oncogene expression in 19 meningiomas of typical and atypical histology were analyzed in an attempt to understand the mechanism of growth that characterizes the neoplasticExpand
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Stereotactic implantation of fetal mesencephalon.
Twelve patients with advanced Parkinson's disease have been improved by transplantation of fetal mesencephalon into the caudate nucleus. No immunosuppression had been used. The human allogeneicExpand
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Transplantation in Parkinson's disease: stereotactic implantation of adrenal medulla and foetal mesencephalon.
The two possible dopamine donor sites for transplantation are autologous adrenal medulla and human foetal substantia nigra or adrenal medulla. There is increasing experience with the use of adrenalExpand
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Brain implants in man do not break down the blood-brain barrier to dopamine and domperidone
We have evaluated the blood-brain barrier (BBB) in 8 Parkinsonian patients before and after stereotactic implantation of foetal mesencephalon (STIM) and one patient with an adrenal medullary implant.Expand
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