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Translation quality assessment demystified
The current paper aims at developing a conceptual framework to describe translation quality assessment as a complex process of decision making. It starts with a discussion about the great amount ofExpand
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Translating gender between English and Persian: Strategies and beyond
The main objective of this article is to shed some light on the much-neglected area of translating gender between Persian and English. More specifically, it sets out to investigate the differentExpand
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A Critical Account of the Evolution of Translation Theories in the West between the Seventeenth and Nineteenth Centuries
The decline of the socio-political influence of the Catholic Church and the empowerment of new relatively secular monarchs and political figures in Europe in the late sixteenth century resulted in aExpand
Assessor-Centered Translation Quality Assessment: A Theoretical Model and a Case Study
The existing theories and models for translation quality assessment primarily focus on one specific concept of quality, enforcing a certain inflexible pattern of excellence to all translations they investigate, and often leave no space for hermeneutic interpretation and active decision making about the quality of translation for assessors. Expand
Reading between the Lines: Translation Quality from Classical Antiquity to the Early Modern Period
Williams and Chesterman quote Salman Rushdi as saying, “description is itself a political act,” implying that even empirical concepts are never entirely value free. Behind every definition, thereExpand
Assessor-centered translation quality assessment: a case study
This paper puts forward a theoretical model for translation quality assessment in which the process of assessment is defined as a complex procedure of decision-making, entailing collection,... Expand
A concise history of translation in Iran from antiquity to the present time
A brief history of translation in Iran from antiquity to the modern time, focusing on important historical turning points, such as the Arab conquest of Iran, the Iranian Constitutional Revolution, and the Islamic Revolution of 1979. Expand