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Diameter asymmetry of porcine coronary arterial trees: structural and functional implications.
The coronary vasculature is characterized by highly asymmetric diameters at bifurcations, which may be an important determinant of flow distribution. To facilitate accurate reconstruction of theExpand
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A full 3-D reconstruction of the entire porcine coronary vasculature.
We have previously reconstructed the entire coronary arterial tree of the porcine heart down to the first segment of capillaries. Here, we extend the vascular model through the capillary bed and theExpand
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Large-Scale 3-D Geometric Reconstruction of the Porcine Coronary Arterial Vasculature Based on Detailed Anatomical Data
The temporal and spatial distribution of coronary blood flow, pressure, and volume are determined by the branching pattern and three-dimensional (3-D) geometry of the coronary vasculature, and by theExpand
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Analysis of blood flow in the entire coronary arterial tree.
A hemodynamic analysis of coronary blood flow must be based on the measured branching pattern and vascular geometry of the coronary vasculature. We recently developed a computer reconstruction of theExpand
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Biophysical model of the spatial heterogeneity of myocardial flow.
The blood flow in the myocardium has significant spatial heterogeneity. The objective of this study was to develop a biophysical model based on detailed anatomical data to determine the heterogeneityExpand
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A Novel Method for Visualization of Entire Coronary Arterial Tree
The complexity of the coronary circulation especially in the deep layers largely evades experimental investigations. Hence, virtual/computational models depicting structure-function relation of theExpand
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Effects of Myocardial Function and Systemic Circulation on Regional Coronary Perfusion.
Cardiac-coronary interaction and the effects of its patho-physiological variations on spatial heterogeneity of coronary perfusion and myocardial work are still poorly understood. ThisExpand
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A. F. W. van der Steen—(8) 1034 A. Hoffman—(5) 626 A. J. Slifka—(8) 1042 A. Mol—(12) 1762 A. Pedotti—(3) 402 Abboud Shimon—(5) 616 Abdul I. Barakat—(4) 444 Abe Deanda—(12) 1736 AbidinExpand
Structure–Function Relations in the Coronary Vasculature
The function of the coronary system is to deliver blood to the capillary network, to nourish the myocardium and to autoregulate coronary blood flow. The coronary vessels run through cyclicallyExpand