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Democratizing Innovation: The Evolving Phenomenon of User Innovation
This chapter contains sections titled: Importance of Innovation by Users, Why Many Users Want Custom Products, Users' Innovate-or-Buy Decisions, Users' Low-Cost Innovation Niches, Why Users OftenExpand
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Versioning Information Goods
One prominent feature of information goods is that they have large fixed costs of production, and small variable costs of reproduction. Cost-based pricing makes little sense in this context;Expand
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Advancing Knowledge and the Knowledge Economy
The revolution in information technology transforms not only information and its uses but, more important, knowledge and the ways we generate and manage it. Knowledge is now seen as input, output,Expand
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The Impact of ICT on Tertiary Education: Advances and Promises
This chapter contains sections titled: Introduction, Living Up to the Promises: A Quiet Rather Than Radical Revolution, An Innovation Cycle for E-learning, Challenges for the Further Development ofExpand
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Speculative Microeconomics for Tomorrow's Economy
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Epistemic Infrastructure in the Rise of the Knowledge Economy
This chapter contains sections titled: Introduction, The Rise and Role of Epistemic Infrastructure, Epistemic Infrastructure in the Industrial Era: Adaptability of Purpose, Epistemic InfrastructureExpand
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Automotive Informatics: Information Technology and Enterprise Transformation in the Automobile Industry
This chapter contains sections titled: The Industry in Context, IT as An Engine of Industry Transformation, Use and Service Monitoring With IT, Enhanced Product Platforms, Production and DistributionExpand
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Optimizing the Use of Knowledge
Note: Book edited by Brian Kahin and Dominique Foray Reference CEMI-CHAPTER-2007-002 Record created on 2007-03-27, modified on 2017-09-01
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Interactive Learning, Social Capital, and Economic Performance
This chapter contains sections titled: Introduction, Learning as the Major Source of Economic Growth—Pasinetti on Growth and Structural Change, The Division of Labor and the Static Scale Effects,Expand
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