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Environmental conditions of Chilika Lake during pre and post hydrological intervention: an overview
Chilika Lake, the largest brackish water lagoon in Asia, is a prominent biodiversity hotspot along the Indian east coast. The geomorphology, water quality and biological productivity of the lake had
Zooplankton distribution in coastal water of the North-Western Bay of Bengal, off Rushikulya estuary, east coast of India
Non-metric multidimensional scaling (MDS) ordinations based on Bray-Curtis similarities indicated that species composition was unequal during different months as there was no similarity above 40% level.
Marine molluscs as a potential drug cabinet: an overview
The current status of biologically active compounds extracted, identified and isolated from marine molluscs and tested for their anti- cancer, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial activities together with important compounds isolated from them such as Dolastatin 10 & 15, Kahalalide F, Keenamide A, Spisulosine-ES-285 etc. which possess anti-cancer and Ziconotide having anti- inflammatory properties are discussed in this paper.
Post tsunami mangrove evaluation in coastal vicinity of Andaman Islands, India
The present study was carried out to determine the mangrove area water quality, mangrove diversity and density at Minnie Bay, Lalaji Bay and Aerial Bay (Andaman Islands, India). The physicochemical
Monthly variations in some chemical characteristics of nearshore waters along the south Orissa coast
In view of the important role the physico-chemical parameters play on the productivity potential of coastal waters and their fisheries, numerous studies have been made in India to evaluate their
Zooplankton Diversity in the Nearshore Waters of Bay of Bengal, Off Rushikulya Estuary
A gradual increase in zooplankton volume and density from post-winter to summer showed a significant influence of salinity and temperature on zoopLankton community at this locality.
Assessment of heavy metal concentrations and associated resistant bacterial communities in bulk and rhizosphere soil of Avicennia marina of Pichavaram mangrove, India
Heavy metals are known to pose a potential threat to terrestrial and aquatic flora and fauna. Due to increasing human influence, heavy metal concentrations are rising in many mangrove ecosystems.