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The Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement, intellectual property and medicines: Differential outcomes for developed and developing countries
A comparative analysis of the impact the final 2016 TPP intellectual property chapter could be expected to have (if implemented in its current form) on the intellectual property laws and regulatory regimes for medicines in the TPP countries and the likely impact on access to medicines is presented. Expand
Design and synthesis of some new carboxamide and propanamide derivatives bearing phenylpyridazine as a core ring and the investigation of their inhibitory potential on in-vitro acetylcholinesterase
A series of new carboxamide and propanamide derivatives bearing phenylpyridazine as a core ring were designed, synthesized and evaluated for their ability to inhibit both cholinesterase enzymes and theoretical physicochemical properties of the compounds were calculated by using Molinspiration Program. Expand
Boosting Pharmaceutical Innovation in the Post-TRIPS Era: Real-Life Lessons for the Developing World
Contents: 1. Introduction 2. Innovation 3. Innovation and the Pharmaceutical Industry 4. Looking at the Big Picture: National Innovation System 5. Innovation Country Case Studies 6. A Real LifeExpand
Design, Synthesis and Investigation of New Diphenyl Substituted Pyridazinone Derivatives as Both Cholinesterase and Aβ-Aggregation Inhibitors.
Based on biological activity results and low toxicity of the compounds, it can be said that diphenyl substituted pyridazinone core is a valuable scaffold for disease-modifying agent. Expand
A network analysis of COVID-19 mRNA vaccine patents.
What Is Patentable Under the Trans-Pacific Partnership?: An Analysis of the Free Trade Agreement's Patentability Provisions from a Public Health Perspective
On October 16, 2014, WikiLeaks released a complete draft of the Intellectual Property Chapter of the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP). The TPP is a controversial free tradeExpand
Developing Patent Disclosure Requirements Related to Genetic Resources and Traditional Knowledge – Key Questions
Modern scientific research and the exploitation of genetic resources and traditional knowledge may offer great benefits to humankind. How can the patent system help scientists, commercial enterprisesExpand