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Early Triassic conodonts and carbonate carbon isotope record of the Idrija–Žiri area, Slovenia
The first recovery of the conodont Hindeodus parvus from Žiri (Slovenia) a few years ago highlights this area for Early Triassic biostratigraphical study. Systematic sampling of five sections in theExpand
The Slovenian Basin during the Triassic in the Light of Conodont Data
The Slovenian Basin extends in an east-west direction of central Slovenia. Westwards it continues nearly to the Italian border, and eastwards it passes into neighbouring Croatia and Hungary. TheExpand
Paleogeographic significance of Upper Triassic basinal succession of the Tamar Valley, northern Julian Alps (Slovenia)
Abstract The Julian Alps (western Slovenia) structurally belong to the eastern Southern Alps. The Upper Triassic succession mostly consists of shallow water platform carbonates of the DolomiaExpand
Triassic environments in the Circum-Pannonian Region related to the initial Neotethyan rifting stage
The present review provides an explanation to the Triassic sheet of the “Tectonostratigraphic terrane and paleoenvironment maps of the Circum-Pannonian region” series. Five multiple compositeExpand
Geology of the Classical Karst Region (SW Slovenia–NE Italy)
ABSTRACT The paper aims to present the geology of the western part of the Classical Karst (NW Dinarides), located at the border between Slovenia and Italy. The work is based on archive, published andExpand
Conodonts and foraminifera from the "Raibl Beds" (Carnian) of the Karavanke Mountains, Slovenia: stratigraphical and palaeobiological implications
The micropalaeontology of the "Raibl Beds" of the Kosuta Nappe in the western Karavanke Mts., Slovenia, is described. The presence of the conodont apparatus of Nicoraella? budaensis Kozur and Mock isExpand
New paleontological evidence of the Carnian strata in the Mežica area (Karavanke Mts, Slovenia): Conodont data for the Carnian Pluvial Event
Abstract The Carnian carbonate succession in the Mežica area called “Raibl Beds” (Karavanke Mts, Slovenia) on the north of the Periadriatic Line in the Eastern Alps includes three clastic horizons ofExpand