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Volcanic tremor: Nonlinear excitation by fluid flow
A nonlinear process analogous to the excitation mechanism of musical wind instruments and human vocal cords can explain many characteristics of volcanic tremor, including (1) periodic and “chaotic”Expand
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Seismic tomography shows that upwelling beneath Iceland is confined to the upper mantle
SUMMARY We report the results of the highest-resolution teleseismic tomography study yet performed of the upper mantle beneath Iceland. The experiment used data gathered by the Iceland HotspotExpand
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Post-rifting stress relaxation at the divergent plate boundary in Northeast Iceland
INTERACTION of the elastic lithosphere with the underlying anelastic asthenosphere causes strain to propagate along the Earth's surface in a diffusion-like manner following tectonism at plateExpand
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Plate dynamics near divergent boundaries: Geophysical implications of postrifting crustal deformation in NE Iceland
The bulk of a tectonic plate is thought to move continously at a rate consistent with the geologic average. On the other hand, movements are highly episodic at plate boundaries. We study the plateExpand
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Imaging the mantle beneath Iceland using integrated seismological techniques
[1] Using a combination of body wave and surface wave data sets to reveal the mantle plume and plume head, this study presents a tomographic image of the mantle structure beneath Iceland to 400 kmExpand
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Icelandic-type crust
SUMMARY Numerous seismic studies, in particular using receiver functions and explosion seismology, have provided a detailed picture of the structure and thickness of the crust beneath the IcelandExpand
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Historically, most quantitative seismological analyses have been based on the assumption that earth- quakes are caused by shear faulting, for which the equiv- alent force system in an isotropicExpand
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Three-dimensional seismic ray tracing
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Plume‐driven plumbing and crustal formation in Iceland
[1] Through combination of surface wave and body wave constraints we derive a three-dimensional (3-D) crustal S velocity model and Moho map for Iceland. It reveals a vast plumbing system feedingExpand
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Non-double-couple microearthquakes at Long Valley caldera, California, provide evidence for hydraulic fracturing
Abstract Most of 26 small (0.4≲ M ≲3.1) microearthquakes at Long Valley caldera in mid-1997, analyzed using data from a dense temporary network of 69 digital three-component seismometers, haveExpand
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