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Skip RNN: Learning to Skip State Updates in Recurrent Neural Networks
Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs) continue to show outstanding performance in sequence modeling tasks. However, training RNNs on long sequences often face challenges like slow inference, vanishingExpand
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Visual Affect Around the World: A Large-scale Multilingual Visual Sentiment Ontology
Every culture and language is unique. Our work expressly focuses on the uniqueness of culture and language in relation to human affect, specifically sentiment and emotion semantics, and how theyExpand
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Deep Cross Residual Learning for Multitask Visual Recognition
Residual learning has recently surfaced as an effective means of constructing very deep neural networks for object recognition. However, current incarnations of residual networks do not allow for theExpand
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A survey of multimodal sentiment analysis
Abstract Sentiment analysis aims to automatically uncover the underlying attitude that we hold towards an entity. The aggregation of these sentiment over a population represents opinion polling andExpand
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An exploration of gender identification using only the periocular region
The periocular region, the region of the face surrounding the eyes, has gained increasing attention in biometrics in recent years. This region of the face is of particular interest when trying toExpand
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Diving Deep into Sentiment: Understanding Fine-tuned CNNs for Visual Sentiment Prediction
Visual media are powerful means of expressing emotions and sentiments. The constant generation of new content in social networks highlights the need of automated visual sentiment analysis tools.Expand
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News rover: exploring topical structures and serendipity in heterogeneous multimedia news
News stories are rarely understood in isolation. Every story is driven by key entities that give the story its context. Persons, places, times, and several surrounding topics can often succinctlyExpand
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From pixels to sentiment: Fine-tuning CNNs for visual sentiment prediction
Visual multimedia have become an inseparable part of our digital social lives, and they often capture moments tied with deep affections. Automated visual sentiment analysis tools can provide a meansExpand
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Predicting Viewer Perceived Emotions in Animated GIFs
Animated GIFs are everywhere on the Web. Our work focuses on the computational prediction of emotions perceived by viewers after they are shown animated GIF images. We evaluate our results on aExpand
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Multilingual Visual Sentiment Concept Matching
The impact of culture in visual emotion perception has recently captured the attention of multimedia research. In this study, we provide powerful computational linguistics tools to explore, retrieveExpand
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