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Genetic variation in Arabis petraea, a disjunct species in northern Europe
Genetic distances calculated from isoenzyme data showed a close connection between the Norwegian and Swedish populations, indicating a westem rather than an eastern immigration route for the isolated Swedish population. Expand
Lectotypification of Linnaean names for Flora Nordica (Brassicaceae ‐ Apiaceae)
Linnaean names appearing in Flora Nordica in the families Brassicaceae - Apiaceae (in the conventional family sequence of the Flora) are typified. The main sources for types are the LinnaeanExpand
A phylogeographic analysis of Viola rupestris: three post‐glacial immigration routes into the Nordic area?
Morphology and isoenzyme patterns support the taxonomic delimitation of two subspecies of Viola rupestris and ssp.relicta in the Nordic area, and three different, geographically distinctly defined genotypes are revealed. Expand
Lectotypifications of Lìnnaean names for Flora Nordica Vol. 1 (Lycopodiaceae — Papaveraceae)
Linnaean names appearing in Volume 1 of Flora Nordica are typified. The main sources for types are the Linnaean Herbarium (LINN), the Clifford Herbarium (BM), the Burser Herbarium (UPS) the IterExpand
A monograph of Farsetia (Cruciferae)