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Higher education and its communities: Interconnections, interdependencies and a research agenda
Universities everywhere are being forced to carefully reconsider their role in society and to evaluate the relationships with their various constituencies, stakeholders, and communities. In thisExpand
Marketisation in Higher Education, Clark's Triangle and the Essential Ingredients of Markets
While government intervention in the higher education market may be justified, it may come at the cost of lower consumer sovereignty and restricted producer autonomy. Through marketisation policy,Expand
Who matters to universities? A stakeholder perspective on humanities, arts and social sciences valorisation
Valorisation is at the centre of many debates on the future of academic research. But valorisation has largely become narrowly understood in terms of universities’ economic contributions throughExpand
The European university landscape: A micro characterization based on evidence from the Aquameth project
This paper provides a new and systematic characterization of 488 universities, from 11 European countries: Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, SwitzerlandExpand
Keeping up Performances: An international survey of performance-based funding in higher education
This paper presents an overview of government policies for funding higher education in 11 Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries. In particular, it describes theExpand
Dropout and completion in higher education in Europe: main report
Improving completion and reducing dropout in higher education are key concerns for higher education in Europe. This study on dropout and completion in higher education in Europe demonstrates thatExpand
Markets in Higher Education. Rhetoric or Reality
Markets in Higher Education: Do They Promote Internal Efficiency? - Cost-sharing and Equity in Higher Education: Implications of Income Contingent Loans.- Transparency and Quality in Higher EducationExpand
Funding higher education: options, trade-offs and dilemmas
In January this year, the Economist ran a couple of articles on the sorry state of higher education. One of the articles was called “Pay or Decay” (Economist, 2004). It painted a very bleak pictureExpand
Lifelong learning: Implications for institutions
Lifelong learning poses a large number ofthreats and opportunities for the traditionalhigher education institutions. Not justprogramme offerings and means of delivery willhave to be restructured,Expand