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Compaction and seepage properties of crushed limestone particle mixture: an experimental investigation for Ordovician karst collapse pillar groundwater inrush
As mining activity rapidly develops to deeper and deeper ground, there have been an increasing number of groundwater inrush events occurring in China. The Ordovician limestone karst collapse pillarExpand
Field test of rock burst danger based on drilling pulverized coal parameters
Rock burst is one of the worst natural disasters in coal mining. Drilling cuttings method is an effective way of identifying rock burst danger degree by testing discharged pulverized coal quantity,Expand
Combined early warning method for rockburst in a Deep Island, fully mechanized caving face
Rockbursts annually cause hundreds of casualties and huge economic losses in China. The possibility of rockbursts occurring in a deep island, fully mechanized caving coal face is much higher than inExpand
The control effect of surrounding rock with different combinations of the bolt anchoring lengths and pre-tightening forces in underground engineering
The anchoring length and the pre-tightening force are the two main factors influencing the control effect of surrounding rock in bolt support. To study the influences, a theoretical analysis is madeExpand
Bending Moment Characteristics of Hard Roof before First Breaking of Roof Beam Considering Coal Seam Hardening
The mechanical properties of a coal seam affect the distribution of support pressure. Considering the strain hardening effect of coal seam, the support pressure relationship of three zones—softened,Expand
Occurrence Mechanism of Roof-Fall Accidents in Large-Section Coal Seam Roadways and Related Support Design for Bayangaole Coal Mine, China
This study focused on large-scale roof-fall accidents occurred in large-section coal seam roadways of Bayangaole Coal Mine, Inner Mongolia, China, and investigated the occurrence mechanism ofExpand
Ground response of a gob-side gateroad suffering mining-induced stress in an extra thick coal seam
This paper presents an investigation of the ground response of a gob-side gateroad suffering mining stress induced by a 21 m-thick coal seam extraction. A field observation, including entryExpand
Risk in Deep Strip Mining
State Key Laboratory of Mining Disaster Prevention and Control Co-Founded by Shandong Province and the Ministry of Science and Technology, Shandong University of Science and Technology, QingdaoExpand
Rock Burst Danger Warning and Large Diameter Drilling Pressure–relief Technology in Fully Mechanized Caving Island Coal Face
According to the appeared incident dynamic pressure of 1304 working face in a mine, the characteristics of electromagnetic emission signal were analyzed before the dynamic pressure occurred; FLAC3DExpand
Reliability Analysis for Bolt-shotcrete Support System in Underground Tunnels
Reliability analysis of bolt-shotcrete support system is essential for the stability control of the underground tunnels. This paper presented a new analytical method for the reliability analysis ofExpand