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Liberalism, Neoliberalism, and Urban Governance: A State‐Theoretical Perspective
This paper discusses the recurrence and the recurrent limitations of liberalism as a general discourse, strategy, and regime. It then establishes a continuum of neoliberalism ranging from a project
The Future of the Capitalist State
List of Boxes. List of Tables and Figure. Preface. Abbreviations. Introduction. 1. Capitalism and the Capitalist Type of State. 2. The Keynesian Welfare National State. 3. The Schumpeterian
State Theory: Putting the Capitalist State in Its Place
Preface and Acknowledgements. General Introduction. Part I. On Marxist Theories of Law, the State, and their Relative Autonomy from the Capitalist Economy and Class Struggles:. 1. Recent Theories of
Institutional Re(turns) and the Strategic – Relational Approach
The author distinguishes and comments on three different forms of the institutional turn: thematic, methodological, and ontological. He argues that there is a wide range of institutional turns that
State Power: A Strategic-Relational Approach
List of Abbreviations. List of Boxes, Figures and Tables. Acknowledgments. General Introduction. What is the State?. A Preliminary Definition of the State. 'Putting this Book in its Place'. PART I:
Critical Semiotic Analysis and Cultural Political Economy.
A case is made for cultural political economy (CPE) by exploring the constitutive role of semiosis in economic and political activities, economic and political institutions, and social order more
State Theory: Putting Capitalist States in their Place
This book is not an easy read. Nor are you presented with neat outlines of various theoretical approaches. The book is an energetic engagement with major developments in state theory since the 1970s
Theorizing Sociospatial Relations
This essay seeks to reframe recent debates on sociospatial theory through the introduction of an approach that can grasp the inherently polymorphic, multidimensional character of sociospatial