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Silicon (Si): Review and future prospects on the action mechanisms in alleviating biotic and abiotic stresses in plants.
  • H. Etesami, B. Jeong
  • Environmental Science, Medicine
  • Ecotoxicology and environmental safety
  • 2018
In the era present, due to increasing incidences of a large number of different biotic and abiotic stresses all over the world, the growth of plants (principal crops) may be restrained by theseExpand
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Silicon Promotes Adventitious Shoot Regeneration and Enhances Salinity Tolerance of Ajuga multiflora Bunge by Altering Activity of Antioxidant Enzyme
We investigated the effect of Si concentration on shoot regeneration and salinity tolerance of Ajuga multiflora. Addition of Si to the shoot induction medium significantly increased the frequency ofExpand
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Direct shoot regeneration from nodal explants of Sida cordifolia Linn
A method was developed to initiate multiple shoots from mature nodal explants of Sida cordifolia Linn. High frequency of regeneration was achieved on Murashige and Skoog (MS) medium supplemented withExpand
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Over-expression of l-gulono-γ-lactone oxidase (GLOase) gene leads to ascorbate accumulation with enhanced abiotic stress tolerance in tomato
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid, AsA) is an essential component for collagen biosynthesis and also for correct functioning of the cardiovascular system in humans. Plants and several animals can synthesizeExpand
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Silicon Mitigates Salinity Stress by Regulating the Physiology, Antioxidant Enzyme Activities, and Protein Expression in Capsicum annuum ‘Bugwang'
Silicon- (Si-) induced salinity stress resistance was demonstrated at physiological and proteomic levels in Capsicum annuum for the first time. Seedlings of C. annuum were hydroponically treated withExpand
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Chemical Elicitor-Induced Modulation of Antioxidant Metabolism and Enhancement of Secondary Metabolite Accumulation in Cell Suspension Cultures of Scrophularia kakudensis Franch
Scrophularia kakudensis is an important medicinal plant with pharmaceutically valuable secondary metabolites. To develop a sustainable source of naturaceuticals with vital therapeutic importance, aExpand
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Rose (Rosa hybrida L.) EST-derived microsatellite markers and their transferability to strawberry (Fragaria spp.)
Abstract The ‘Genome database for Rosaceae (GDR)’ provides a large collection of expressed sequence tags (ESTs) harboring simple sequence repeats (SSRs) from several Rosaceae genera, including RosaExpand
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Influence of ammonium, nitrate, and chloride on solution pH and ion uptake by ageratum and salvia in hydroponic culture
Abstract The influence of nitrogen (N) forms and chloride (Cl) on solution pH and ion uptake in the hydroponic culture of Ageratum houstonianum [ammonium (NH4 +)‐tolerant] and Salvia splendens (NH4Expand
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Morphogenesis, Flowering, and Gene Expression of Dendranthema grandiflorum in Response to Shift in Light Quality of Night Interruption
The impact of shifts in the spectral quality of light on morphogenesis, flowering, and photoperiodic gene expression during exposure to light quality of night interruption (NI) was investigated inExpand
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Enhanced growth and cardenolides production in Digitalis purpurea under the influence of different LED exposures in the plant factory
In this report, we have investigated the influence of different light qualities on Digitalis purpurea under a controlled environment. For this purpose, red (R), blue (B), fluorescent lamp (FL,Expand
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