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Molecular phylogeny of wild Hops, Humulus lupulus L.
We have analysed wild hops collected widely from the Northern Hemisphere, assessing the genetic diversity and the geographical distribution of haplotypes, to investigate the evolution and phylogenyExpand
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Studies of gynogenesis in onion (Allium cepa L.): induction procedures and genetic analysis of regenerants
Gynogenesis of four onion cultivars was induced, starting from ovules and ovaries, using a 2-step culture procedure. The induction frequency was much higher from ovaries and was strongly affected byExpand
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The isolation and characterisation of microsatellites in hop (Humulus lupulus L.)
Microsatellite markers have been increasingly used in crop genetic studies because of their high applicability in breeding programs and here we report on the development of such markers in hops. SixExpand
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Genetic variability of economically important Asparagus species as revealed by genome size analysis and rDNA ITS polymorphisms
Abstract Ten species (13 accessions) of the genus Asparagus were analysed to reveal their genome size structure and genetic similarity. The choice of species was based on their possible applicationExpand
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Genetic relationships in cultivars of hop, Humulus lupulus L., determined by RAPD analysis
Random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) was used to evaluate the genetic variability and relationship of 65 hop cultivars from all the major hop-growing regions in the world. Twenty-eight selectedExpand
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Interactions of Escherichia coli RNA with bacteriophage MS2 coat protein: genomic SELEX.
Genomic SELEX is a method for studying the network of nucleic acid-protein interactions within any organism. Here we report the discovery of several interesting and potentially biologically importantExpand
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Assessment of genetic variability of olive varieties by microsatellite and AFLP markers
Fourteen developed microsatellite markers were characterized for their use in genotyping and diversity studies of olive varieties. After optimisation of microsatellite assay and allele sizing,Expand
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Microsatellite variability among wild and cultivated hops (Humulus lupulus L.).
Hop (Humulus lupulus L.) is a dioecious perennial plant native to the northern hemisphere cultivated for its use in the brewing industry. To investigate the genetic diversity present in wild hopExpand
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Microsatellite DNA Analysis of Wild Hops, Humulus lupulus L.
To study the relationships and genetic diversity among wild hops, Humulus lupulus, we analyzed 133 samples of wild hops collected from Europe, Asia and North America using polymorphism on 11Expand
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Gliadin allele composition of Yugoslav winter wheat cultivars
SummaryThe complete gliadin allele composition of 57 Yugoslav common winter wheat cultivars was studied. Large differences were found in gliadin genotypes among cultivars bred at different YugoslavExpand
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