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Proton nuclear magnetic resonance determination of hexamethylenetetramine in the presence of formaldehyde and urine
A new proton NMR method has been developed for micro-amount determination of aqueous hexamethylenetetramine (HMT) alone, in the presence of large amounts of formaldehyde, and in urine. The method isExpand
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IUPAC-NIST Solubility Data Series. 80. Gaseous Fluorides of Boron, Nitrogen, Sulfur, Carbon, and Silicon and Solid Xenon Fluorides in all Solvents
The literature has been searched through 2002 June for solubility data on the gases BF3, NF3, N2F4, SF6, CF4, CHF3, CH2F2, CH3F, C2F6, CHF5, 1,1,1,2-C2H2F4, 1,1,1-C2H3F3, 1,1-C2H4F2, CH5F, C3F8,Expand
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Determination of the fatty-acid composition of soybean oil by high-pressure liquid chromatography.
A method for determining the fatty-acid composition of soybean oil by using high-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) is discussed and compared with the determination using gas chromatography. TheExpand
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Spectrophotometric determination of micro amounts of ascorbic acid in citrus fruits.
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Derivatization procedures for detection of prostaglandins in biological matrices by liquid chromatography/electrochemistry.
Conventional reversed-phase HPLC conditions have been optimized for resolution of a mixture containing prostaglandins PGE(1), PGE(2), PGF(1alpha), and PGF(2alpha). Electroactive derivative-formingExpand
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Spectrophotometric determination of micro amounts of hydrazine and hydroxylamine alone and in the presence of each other.
Hydrazine and hydroxylamine alone or in the presence of each other are determined at concentrations of 1-10 microg/25 ml with a relative precision of 3-0.8% by using iron(III) in the presence ofExpand
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Titrimetric determination of some organic acids by xenon trioxide oxidation.
Aqueous xenon trioxide in acidic or neutral solutions oxidises carboxylic acids quantitatively to carbon dioxide and water. Micro and semimicro amounts of carboxylic acids may be determined by theExpand
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Spectrophotometric determination of micro amounts of uranium.
Uranium(VI) in the presence of numerous cations and anions is determined by the iron(II)-phosphoric acid-Ferrozine method at concentrations of 8-75,mug/25 ml with a relative precision of 3-1%.
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Spectrophotometric determination of nitrate and nitrite in natural water and sea-water.
Nitrate and nitrite in natural waters are determined spectrophotometrically by passage through an amalgamated zinc reductor at pH 3.4 into iron(III)-Ferrozine solution. Interference by high levels ofExpand
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