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Twitter power: Tweets as electronic word of mouth
It is found that microblogting is an online tool for customer word of mouth communications and the implications for corporations using microblogging as part of their overall marketing strategy are discussed. Expand
Detecting Rumors from Microblogs with Recurrent Neural Networks
A novel method that learns continuous representations of microblog events for identifying rumors based on recurrent neural networks that detects rumors more quickly and accurately than existing techniques, including the leading online rumor debunking services. Expand
Real life, real users, and real needs: a study and analysis of user queries on the web
A failure analysis was conducted, identifying trends among user mistakes, and a summary of findings and a discussion of the implications of these findings were concluded. Expand
Real life information retrieval: a study of user queries on the Web
We analyzed transaction logs of a set of 51,473 queries posed by 18,113 users of Excite, a major Internet search service. We provide data on: (i) queries --- the number of search terms, and the useExpand
How are we searching the World Wide Web? A comparison of nine search engine transaction logs
A log sawing and transport system for relatively small logs has an infeed and loading station where logs are positioned in a centering device for aligning the logs with respect to the saws. Once theExpand
Search log analysis: What it is, what's been done, how to do it
A review and foundation for conducting Web search transaction log analysis consisting of three stages, which are collection, preparation, and analysis is presented and suggestions are provided on ways to leverage the strengths of, while addressing the limitations of, transaction logs for Web-searching research. Expand
Determining the informational, navigational, and transactional intent of Web queries
A software application was developed that automatically classified queries using a Web search engine log of over a million and a half queries submitted by several hundred thousand users and showed that the automatic classification has an accuracy of 74%. Expand
From E-Sex to E-Commerce: Web Search Changes
Analysis of three data sets culled from more than one million queries submitted by more than 200,000 users of the Excite Web search engine shows that public Web searching is evolving in certain directions. Expand
Defining a session on Web search engines
An analysis of 2,465,145 interactions from 534,507 users of Dogpile.com shows that defining sessions by query reformulation along with Internet Protocol address and cookie provides the best measure, resulting in an 82% increase in the count of sessions. Expand
A model for understanding collaborative information behavior in context: A study of two healthcare teams
It is found that collaborative information behavior differs from individual information behavior with respect to how individuals interact with each other, the complexity of the information need, and the role of information technology. Expand